“Yikes!” said Finn. “You haven’t posted any pictures from our amazing summer holiday with Amza and Felix?”


Flying Finn (no wave too small)

Surf lessons

“Let’s surf!”

Everyone grab a pole

“Grab a pole. Each.”

Stone stacking 1

Stone stacking 2

Stone stacking 3

“Pile up some stones. High.”



“And chill. For a while.”


Surf prep

After a long afternoon making the most of it…

Slow cooking fish

..the fish (fresh from Mortehoe) were slow-cooked on the BrillBarbie

Snug H

Snug F

Late starting and very slow, so the boy’s snugged down for the evening.

Tucking in

But it was well worth it. Super dinner and the perfect end to a lovely break down in Woolacombe with the FabFour™

Rame Head

Rame Head

We walked to Rame Head
(from the car park of course, well, it was a big lunch and we nearly walked all the way there the day before, the day of the squall, so does it count? please?)

St Michael's of Rame Head

St. Michael’s on the headland dates back to “a long time ago”.

Aiddy at Rame Head

Fay with Rame head with Rame Head

A lovely spot – we found a real picture by a real artist to remember it by.
Russell Pond, if you’re reading, thank  you.

(Yes, Fay is a real artist too, I meant compared to my pix not her’s, I’ll stop now, I feel the hole I’m digging is getting a tad too deep…)

The White Hut

The White Hut

The White Hut: an awe inspiring and peaceful place to spend a couple of days away to celebrate our anniversary.

Big thanks to Sharon & Alan for the recommendation; Les, Jessica, Hazel & Paul for looking after the three boys; and Clive & Jane for such a fantastic place.  

The Needles

The needles

Sun corner

Martin recommended the Needles and an amazing recommendation it was too. Old battery, new battery and the rocket engine test site. With views of the ‘needles, cliffs, caves and everything’!

The gang with needles

Fay & Finn

The boys were fantastic with the hike down to the headland in the freezing weather. Special mention to little-F who managed to dig deep despite being several shades under the weather.

Martin, photog

Lovely spot for some piccy snapping…

you are here

…and waving across the Solent to Nana and Granddad
(who didn’t wave back despite us being clearly visible).

The needles

Old Battery was sign-posted as closed at the start of the walk down, but don’t be put off, there’s great views and the National Trust redeemed itself with an open tea room!

A lovely end to a FAB thanksgiving weekend. Big thanks to KMDFM.

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay, IOW

Down the road from the “holiday house” was lovely Horseshoe Bay. A little chilly with the breeze blowing and the snow falling.


Some nice wave action too. But not enough swell to surf the kayak.