Pictured is the  AACV – Aiddy Alternate Commute Vehicle, or, in local lingo, the Aiddy alter-Nate Commute Vee-hee-call.

Did 10 miles there and 10 miles back yesterday and am feeling it slightly today. For the unfit like me, the hill up to campus is a killer.

Bus, stop


It felt sooo great to be able to get a bus again, and, worse better, to be using a bus to commute in the homeland of the automobile.

 Public transport here is far from perfect, and really does need to get a whole lot better, but at least it’s actually usable for my commute – Berkhamsted to Cambridge on public transport doesn’t work at all. Even better, there’s even an in-bus wireless trial.

This piccy is at Bear Creek Park & Ride – nothing beats a bus journey on a sunny autumn day, except of course a train journey.

Crumbs no Crumble?


There’s an apple tree in the garden (as well as a couple of plumb trees). This afternoon we picked a load of apples, & F did his best to make sure there weren’t enough for a crumble!

The windfalls disappear very quickly – we think they make a tasty pudding for the dear.

Not even two weeks


We’ve been here less than two weeks, and Fay, ably assisted by Dawn, did a run to the British Pantry for some goodies.

Initially I was very disappointed with the lack of discipline (Fay that is), I thought we’d manage at least a month…then I tried the meat pie ;-)

The teapot came with us (yup, we used precious baggage allowance on a tea pot!)

yin – yang


Look up in the garden and the trees are full of beautiful leaves that gently sway in the wind to catch the evening sunlight.

In a couple of weeks there’ll all be dropping to the ground, the skies will be low, grey, depressing stratus, and I’ll be down there sweeping up the leaves with a rake.

You can always look on the bright side…

office or studio


The view of, and from, the new home office  – the trees are in the front garden, and the sunlight is from a big yellow fiery ball that does a circuit across the sky each day (or at least has each day that we’ve been here).

I’m trying to get the room as organised and permanant-feeling as possible before Fay decides it would make a nice studio ;-)

gas and kite flying



Kite flying and seaplanes today in Gas Works Park.


The park turned out to be an excellent spot to watch the world go by on a sunny Labour Day, where the world appeared to be ‘going by’ via boat, kayak, bicycle, and plane.


The park was also a good base camp for a mini-expedition to the Fremont Troll, which, this time, wasn’t hiding.


More piccy’s on flickr.

Oh, and yes, we are having fun. Hope you all are too :-) 

Book store


It’s been too long since I’ve spent time in a library, I’d forgotten what wonderful places they can be.

In the age on the jolly interweb, we sometimes forget that there are other, often better, sources of knowledge and information. A library is one of them. Whether or not the shelves in your library have been replaced by computer terminals. Afterall, if Gutenberg had been around today, he’d probably be the inventor of the Tablet PC.