SeaTac waste


This reminded me of a piece from some late night documentary on BBC2 about Glastonbury where somebody had studied the amount of time people spent deciding which bin to put what rubbish (trash) into. Apparently at the start of the day people could decide very quickly, but as the day wore on it took longer and longer until some tipping point was reached where the time taken rapidly dropped down to effectively zero…

60 miles


So far so good – I’ve managed 2 bike and 2 bus commute’s this week. That brings the bike total up to 60miles, and yes, I am feeling it :-)

Best bit is knowing that every car that passes you at the top of Avondale will be stuck in the traffic that you wizz through at the bottom. Worst bit is the way that the real pro’s cycle past you as if you where standing still on the 520 trial.

One for Emma


No arty farty stuff here, just a straight up piccy of F and H yesterday afternoon somewhere North of Paradise with a volcano in the background.

Obviously this picture was sponsored, hence the caps.

Pictures of the kitchen to follow…