Guest room ready


The guest room is ready. I wonder who’s coming to visit. Can you guess?


The chart (that’s chart, not map) above the bed is from Antigua. Did you know that most experienced yachtspeople consider that the north-east coast of Antigua from Indian Town Point to Horse Shoe Reef is the most dangerous area in the whole Eastern Caribbean?

Welcome web-visitors from Saint John, and welcome physical visitors from ……… ?

Wet feet


On the appearance of wet footprints do you:

a) assume the kids have spilt something
b) assume that heavy rainfall has flooded the garage
c) realise that the water heater is leaking


That’ll be the water heater then, a 50 gallon monster of a water heater.


and that’ll be the hole in the wall needed to replace it. Good job they’re built to last, they reckon that the new one will be good for all of, er, 9 or 10 years…

Rattlesnake Ledge


We did a walk this afternoon, from Rattlesnake Lake…


…up to Rattlesnake Ridge.



It was a great walk through the trees until…


…one shower turned into a bit more than we bargained for — sleet, hail and some snow thrown in for good measure.

Since the white slippery stuff was starting to settle, we thought the prudent thing was to turn round and hightail it down again…


…where we sat by the lake and scoffed the summit-cookie supplies!

Another trip to add to the list of one’s to try again — along with Wallace Falls (started too late in the day), Twin Falls (trail washed out), and getting to the top of Rainier (er, a little on the high side for young Finn).

April Fool



Beware the April fool in our house. Spiders and sea creatures appeared in drinks and breakfast cereals.

Best ‘April fool’ of the day? “Is it April 1st today?”, answer: “No”