Hot tub


Emptied, cleaned and refilled the hot tub this weekend having decided that we really should give it a try

chemistry lesson

It was at this point that I realised I should have paid much more attention to Mr. Jefferson’s chemistry lessons.

Having defective colour vision doesn’t help much either, which might explain why we all came out “splotchy” ;-)

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Wet Juanita Bay


We had a little walk at Juanita Bay Park. ‘F’ was so exhausted from yesterday’s tiny treks and a sleepover with D and F that he had a little ‘moment’ and then crashed out.


Mum and H returned from seeking the turtles to find Dad and F asleep in a nice dry spot under a tree.


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Most Serene


2500ft altitude gain in 3.6 miles (oh, that’s not including the quick jaunt up to Bridal Veil Falls and back) so this was a hike sans-kids.


Hard work for unfit people like me, but the reward at Lake Serene was more than worth the effort.


Thanks much++ to Martin for getting it together (although compared to cycling over the Himalayas, I think we had it easy).

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