Rock (hard) mountain

rock mountain trail

Saturday fun: A little spot of very fresh air on Rock Mountain Trail (map).
4,000 ft elevation gain to 6,880-ish and a jaw dropping view.

destination: rock mountain

coming down - summit behind

summit photo

aiddy, chris, martin, tree, snow & sky

Thanks to Chris and Martin for a great hike (and to Bruce and friend for breaking the route up onto the ridge line)

this way

Is it this way?

that way

Or that way?

this way up

Or just up, up, up!

looking north from rock mountain

The view; priceless

snow feet

And to prove it was a proper walk, the obligatory foot shot :-)


Much, much, more on flickr.

Today’s Coffee Table Thought

coffee table

“People buy expensive machines to do garden chores — cut grass, blow leaves — to save time and to save work. But because the lack of work makes them unfit, they then buy expensive gym memberships so they can use other machines that make them work.
Just as well they saved all that time on garden chores,
otherwise there’d be no time to go to the gym.”

Coffee table, not thought, from Seattle Marriott Waterfront.

some cloud

evening cloud



H thought 25 piccy’s of cloud was a tad excessive — “you and mum went away and took pictures of clouds?” just about said it all.
Thought I might get away with sharing three of them — you’re a more discerning audience.

hole in the head(s)

headboy ...which is why there's a hole in my head

The problem with taking funny pictures of Fay; is that she retaliates.

Actually, that’s the problem with digital camera’s that have an instant piccy-preview…in the ‘good old days’ of film she’d wouldn’t have known a retaliation was needed until a week later.

Campus Walks


Walking between buildings on campus to get from meeting to meeting is great, and usually quicker than the shuttle — but this time of year the colours are wonderful, even for those of us with dodgy eyes.

The down & up of 14 – 9


A very generous James, Victoria and Brian invited me over for a spot of world cup rugby, live from France to PNW via various boxes of electronics.



A very satisfying outcome said Brian…


unless you’re supporting France. It appears that Bart’s facial hair theories have something to them [cached]!

more fountain


A trip to the Seattle center is now no longer complete without a stop at the international fountain, this time with the Kirkland Posse. One day someone will update the sequence, and we’ll have a [car | bus] full of wet children. Fun in July, not so fun in December.

Joy killers


Given all the unsavoury things that kids can get up to these days, I’d have thought the last thing society would want to do is blight bits of architectural concrete with ‘skateboard prevention brackets‘.

Of course, we could always ban skateboarding completely, and while we’re at it wrap <18 year olds up in bubble wrap (cotton wool being so 1970). If we did that, we also wouldn't need advice like this.

Happy Birthday

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to you (+ 1 week rat-at-ta)
Happy Birthday to you (+ 1 week rat-at-ta)
Happy Birthday Dear H
Happy Birthday to you (+ 1 week rat-at-ta)

Sorry H, manic week, so piccy delay. We had a fab time, hope you did toooo!