Evening Walk

Evening walk along the Sammamish River

Boys out for the night at a sleep over so time for a coffee at Tulley’s and an evening stroll along the Sammamish River valley before a spot of dinner at Purple.


Please vote


Aunty H claimed that a previous pic of F looked like Aunty R
(evidence of the allegation is here).

So, we ask, does this little pic of “F the Chef” also look like an Aunty?
Please vote in the comments:

a) Yes, like Aunty H
b) Yes, like Aunty R
c) Yes, like Aunty J
d) All of the above, but only on a does-my-nose-look-big-in-this day
e) No, he looks nothing like a national broadcasting corporation

Thank you

A be careful what you ask for moment

F as mad mouse man


Saturday night, halfway through dinner with friends (sorry James, sorry Victoria), Fay *demands* the replacement of a piccy on the wall.
Apparently it, a casual family scene, made us all look "odd". 
So, I went and replaced all three, and these were what she got.


Someone really did get in a twist…