Winter Games

F off target


Other F more on target

Can you guess what we’re doing?

Star wars throwing bean bag thingy game

Yup, that’s right, trying out Fay’s throw bean bags at Star Wars characters painted on a big box game. Preparation for little-F’s birthday extravaganza.

As usual, little-H won. Not that he’s competitive or anything…

The Star Wars Boys

Star Boys

Star Wars is becoming very serious stuff as
Clone Trooper & Anakin say "no" to an early night.

Apparently the rebel alliance only defeated the empire because the clone troopers did not have soles in their battle suits.
Although you know what they say about big feet, don’t you Anakin…

Wet River Walk




A wet river walk (because it was chucking down, not because the river was wet) along the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River.

Just to prove it was wet, here’s a pic with a bit of the river…


Autumn is here

Autumn Leaves

Autumn in the garden

The clocks went back and it’s raining so everything is wet and dark, except when the sun glints through and then everything is golden.

Note to self: that’s a whole lot of leaves to clear up.