Happy Birthday H

Birthday pressie!

Mr. H is a grand eight years old today.
Which means he has a bike with gears. 7 gears, not six, and not eight, 7. That’s 7 gears. First gear is easy on the legs, seventh goes fastest (usually), first is for going up hills, seventh is for going down, third and fourth gears………….

Birthday Time

Birthday Crowd 

Harvey is almost eight.
Eight? That’s scary.
To celebrate we had a soccer and bakugon party.
No, I don’t know what a bakugon is either.
Apparently that’s because I’m > 8 and have no hair.

It also transpires that I am unable to spell bakugan. How embarrassing.

A note from the editor (and his lovely boss)

With Fay

April 2009 was starting to look very bare on c r o s s o a k.
Blame for this should be targeted squarely on welcome visitors from the homeland.
Or not.
So I’ve had a bit of a splurge and am almost caught up, as a result, you’ll find some of the fun stuff we did with Brov, Boj & Amza in the links below.
Some isn’t.

Don’t mess with Amelie
Four things to do while waiting for a ferry
A Walk to Cascade Falls
Mount Constitution
Proper Walks
Beach Fun
Orcas Home for a Long Weekend
Pause at Deception Pass
Chart Madness
Family Ford
The Marshmallow Man
The Great UNO Championships
Wenatchee Walk
Chilling Out
Easter Egg Hunting
Trail Singing
Ski Time

Four things to do while waiting for a ferry

last minute homework

1. Do your homework.

the amazing faces of finn

2. Make strange faces in the back of the car.

Things to do while waiting for a ferry: #5

3. Try to extract short straw from bottled water using a short straw (this one gives hours of fun).

Dad, this straw is now too long...

4. Puzzle over how to convert two short straws combined together into one longer straw back into a short straw that is short enough to be used to drink water from a bottle while resting that same bottle on your lap.

A Walk to Cascade Falls

Which fall?

On the way down (or up) Mount Constitution is a very child friendly walk along some creek I didn’t catch the name of to some pretty little waterfalls that I probably got the name of wrong.

Harvey hiding at Rustic Falls

First up was Rustic Falls – which Harvey almost disappeared into.


I don't know what name falls

Balancing Act

Then, on the way downstream, the bubbling creek fell over some pretty little falls, and under some great balancing logs.

Cascade Falls IV

Cascade Falls III

Before falling over Cascade Falls, and on to a little bridge with a spot to rest and watch the world pass by (or not as the case was when we were there).

Green rock

There was even a big green rock. Solid.

The amazing faces of Finn

Mucky hands

Funny faces (what’ a surprise) and grubby hands ensued…


…and the odd family snap.

Cascade Falls II

Graeme, with Amelie, and Jo took some snaps too, making sure that Finn was kept well out of the way so that his funny faces didn’t spoil this particular photo.

Beach Fun

Beach running

Having the beach right outside the front door was great for beach combers.


Dusk paddlers.

Footprints in the mud

And avant-garde foot impressionists.

Creature hunting

I think Finn managed to look under every rock on the beach for crabs, worlds, urchins and other creatures-of-the-sea.

Orcas Home for a Long Weekend

Sunset on West Beach, Orcas

Sunset on West Beach, Orcas

Home on Orcas was a snug cabin right on West Beach, so called because the beach faced west, great for evening sunshine and the odd spectacular sunset.

Right on the beach

Amelie, dad & a beer

Evening sun on the beach

A perfect spot for just sitting and watching the world.

Wondering if someone's aboard

Some people liked it so much they decided to stay.

Pause at Deception Pass

Little North Beach

Beach Trail

After a HUGE brunch at the Maltby Cafe, we were early for the ferry from Anacortes to Orcas Village, so we took a small detour and stopped off at Deception Pass.

Trees at Deception

The view across Deception Pass

Deception Pass

Down on North Beach there were some fab views…

Inside a tree

Graeme, Amelie & Jo at Deception Pass

H at Deception Park

Stone Skimming Practice


Deception Pass

Amelie & log

Jo & Amelie

…and even fab’er people to take pics of.

Just made it on the boat

But we nearly stayed too long – we only *just* made the ferry, the car behind us tried and failed to squeeze aboard.


Although that didn’t prevent Finn from having fun,

Finn having fun

or from being his normal mischievous self.

Chart Madness

Chart Madness

Well, I guess you have to laugh.
On the USA side of this chart, depths were marked in feet, while on the Canadian side they are in meters. Apparently it’s so a boat can use its depth sounder to check whether its crossed over the border between the two countries.

Chilling Out

Stevens Pass

Graeme & Amelie at Stevens Pass

After our little ski trip at Stevens Pass we all felt a little achy – especially Graeme’s shoulder and head.

H relaxing after a hard day on the slopes

post-ski tub time 

A little soak in the tub made things a little better…

Post-ski CabSav in the woods

…a little cabsav finished the job nicely.