With H

Rest stop

H and I took the new bike for a proper ride along the trails in Redmond Watershed.
It’s a sweeping up-down-left-right ride through beautiful second growth forest.
H was biker-tastic, even managing a to get some air (controlled) on one downhill section!

Rattlesnake Lake (an adventure in HDR)

Rattlesnake Ridge

The ridge.

Rattlesnake Lake

Stump man.

Rattlesnake lake


Rock, Mountain, Stump

Rock, mountain, stump.

Rattlesnake Lake


Squeezed between the end of the week at work and the school auction I managed to stop by Rattlesnake Lake to get some pictures.
A bit of fun with High Dynamic Range to try and capture the sky while keeping some detail in the scenery.

Don’t show the children

Don't Show The Children

Fay has banned this from being shown to the children; something about nightmares.
Still, that won’t stop me from inflicting it on everyone else. Ha.
Long story involving: boys versus parents nerf battle in the garden (parents won, thanks to cammo); boys versus parents footie (boys won, big time); and then having a camera in hand to shoot the evening sun in the trees and thinking
“I wonder what that stuff was that Fay smeared on my face”.

A mirror might have been the more sensible choice.

Bellevue Growing Up

Bellevue Growing Up

Bellevue is growing into a real mini-city. When we moved here the boys would distinguish between Seattle, Bellevue & Redmond by the number of cranes: lots meant Seattle, a few was Bellevue, and one for Redmond.