Mount Baker

Mount Baker

Mount Baker with Lummi Island & Bellingham Bay.
Not much snow this year but impressive view none-the-less.

A nice man from Edmonds helpfully informed me that this view of ‘Rainier’ was one of the top ten in the world (presumably as voted by people from Edmonds). Not sure if he meant top ten views, or top ten views of Rainier…

Orcas Family Pics

Fay & her boys

Fay and the boys on Mt Constitution with Mount Baker and the Cascades behind.

Laughing at our photographer

F grabbed this pic of mum & dad – amazing given his technique of waving the camera around whilst shooting on motor drive…


Fun on Manzanati Beach

Manzanati Sunset

South a tad along the coast from Cannon Beach is Manzanita.
Perfect place to meet up with friends for roasted marshmallows and a sunset view on the beach. 

Oregon Beach Highway

Oregon Beach Highway

Not content with covering vast potions of the planet with different kinds of impermeable surfaces for cars to zoom around on, some parts of the planet think it a good idea to drive up and down (and up and down) the beach.
I guess when there’s this much of it you need to do something with it all.

A day on Indian Beach

Muddy Foot

H & F blazed a new (to us) way to Indian Beach, down a steep trail that ended at the southern end. The trail was not without its hazards, as Fay’s clean socks soon discovered.

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

If you have the time, the southern end is the place to be. Rocks, trees, sandy coves, streams and waterfalls. Idyllic.

Us. Indian Beach

Wind blown Ewok on Indian Beach

Wet days on holiday

Finn, lego and the view to the beach

Finn has wet day entertainment down to a fine art. On this occasion it was lego building on a grand scale, with dad optimally positioned to help and admire the wonderful view. Oar-inspiring.


Fay’s option was the tranquil art of watercolor; and the view was just as good from where she was sitting.

Breezy Weather

Surf breaking on cannon beach

Our little house was perfect for keeping out of the spring weather while still watching the world walk by.
The first evening & the surf was up, so much so that the sea looked white all the way to the horizon.