For sale

For sale

One pre-loved Honda Element.
B.C. to Washington to Oregon (many times) and back.
Mountains, volcanoes, beach, snow, rock and sand.
Kayaks to crampons to footballs and snacks.

If only the wheel ‘twas on the right side.

Last Day

Last day of Kindergarten

F’s last day in Kindergarten with the amazing and wonderful Mrs. Ito
(and the wonderful and amazing Mrs. George).

We’re going to miss Bear Creek.



Netbusters in action outside again after a long winter playing indoor.
A mini-tournament down at starfire sports (Steve, take a look at the facilities there!)


The fantastic team.
Big big thanks to Sue and Jeff for coaching and organizing!


Muddy Bath

After a very muddy walk, Ewok relaxes in the bath (note the muddy water).

Ewok does pre-wash

Later, he returns the favour by giving the dishes a pre-wash.

Morning after

VFFs in the morning

Morning after the party.
A warm (albeit Photoshop enhanced) glow, unfortunately not from early morning sunlight, but instead from the rain clouds diffusing through the orange telco-branded pop-up that Dawn & Mark leant us to stay dry.