Work Life


Work life doesn’t get much of a look in on c r o s s o a k.

So much so that I just noticed that this quick search returns only posts that have the name of the company-thalt-shalt-not-be-named in links.

Last week Windows Phone 7 was launched in Europe (north American cousins, it’s coming soon) which was a year after Windows 7 was released. I made an insignificantly tiny tiny contribution to both products, and consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked with such an amazing group of diverse people in the process. It’s quite a sobering experience to realise how many people use and rely on those products (not to mention the number of opinions they have) and the huge responsibility that goes with that.

Normal programming will resume shortly.



…and the carving (carefully, sharp knives and other sharp things) begins


Dad pauses for some admiration (respectfully, from a distance)


And the first carved pumpkin is completed…

On Show

…followed shortly by some friends.

Bike Ride Views



Nearly Cholsey and back, via cake and hot chocolate at The Bloc.

(That’s the bloc in Wallingford, not the one in berko, although they are somewhat related even if the one in Berko is no longer the bloc.)

Garden footie

Garden footie

The view is little compensation for the radically sloping pitch, but you do see some funny moves as a result including some amazing curved passes around defenders.


Three Deer

Three deer have moved into the field next-door-but-one.
Most quiet days they can be seen chilling out in the middle with fantastic 360o views.
”All the better for seeing you creep up on me” they said.

Thunder Rain

thunder storm

A little thunder-squall heading across the field to the house (about 15mins later it got *very* wet). The tree line to the center of the picture is about 1 km away.
That’s one big field.

Early morning ride

Twin Trees

The boys woke up early – so an excellent excuse to get up and out for a (very) early morning ride to the clumps and back. Starting at a misty two-trees in the field next to the lane.

Lonely Tree

Lonely tree on, I think, Brightwell Barrow, was mist free.

Thames valley

Amazing views from the clumps – of mist filled river valleys.

Morning arrivals into LHR

And morning arrivals into London-Heathrow.

Shillingford Bridge

By the time I got back to Shillingford Bridge the rest of the world was beginning to wake up.

Super day to be out and about.



last of the blackberries

meadow walk

Road home

The school took H to Wittenham Clumps for “an amazing day outdoors building dens in the woods and everything” – so H took us to the Clumps. Lovely spot. On a pleasant day you can see for miles in all directions.