Studland South Beach


A stop off on the way back from Corfe: Studland South Beach

Man U

Man U supporters had been there before us.

Hello My name Is

But we made sure people would know that we’d been there – at least until the next high tide.

I got sticks

F decided to draw a line all along the beach.

H found a cave

H decided finding caves was more fun – observe the high tech outdoor equipment he’s showing off in the pic.


Fay found a pill box, washed onto the beach by the eroding cliff

Pill box boy

which H explored.

Fortunately it was too cold for naturists.



H played for the school team today! Great game, 2-0 up against the run of play but the opposition pulled 2 back to level the score. Fantastic result for all.

The gunners went one better this evening, beating Barcelona 2-1. Happiness.

Above the flood plain

Above the flood plain

I was surprised that the environment agency doesn’t include our postcode for flood alerts. But a quick look at the OS map shows that we’re higher than a  huge swathe of the surrounding countryside along this reach of the river.

Two views of the path to the River

River path

Monday was stormy and dark, but late in the afternoon the weather system passed south (to the right in the pic above) and the skies opened up.

path to the misty river

No cloud overnight meant a misty start to Tuesday, with the river disappearing in clouds of water vapor rolling across the field.


rest break

Blowing out the cobwebs by exploring the bridleways of South Oxfordshire…

Rolling hills

…and the views they open up.

Someone's got a dirt bike track

There’s some strange stuff hereabouts. Like this pig farm with private dirt bike track.

Shipped It

Ship It

Friday was my last day with Microsoft.
A sad-happy day since Microsoft was a great company to work for, that let me do some awesome things with a bunch of wonderful people.
But now it’s time for a little change <grin />.

Friday was also the day that the patent award and WP7 “ship it” arrived.
Timing sometimes is everything.

Right, time to get back to my life of leisure…