Force 9

Where's the bath

Stormy Seas

White hut view

The campers packed up just in time. A Force 9 (aka Strong Gale) hit overnight.

By the morning we had a foam filled bay and white caps still visible out to the horizon.


Beach Scouting

Cliff Path

First job at the hut, scout the cliff path to the beach. Steep, slippy and in places ‘hairy’ too. Time to beach: boys 10 mins; adults 17.5 mins; Ewok 30 seconds.

I see no ships

“I see no ships”.

Dive boats above HMS Scylla

Except the dive boats above HMS Scylla.

Proper Walk

A very proper walk. And good aerobic training going back up.



More chicks. This time in a proper bird box. There’s new bird life everywhere this year: garage, holly tree, rosemary bush. bird house, bird box, loft, ivy, hedge…