Band of Hope

Band of Hope at the Boat House during Bunkfest

The awesome Band of Hope (renowned third best band in Wallingford, apparently) at the Boat House during Bunkfest.


Home network

Getting there with the wiring. If only BT could deliver the bits as fast as they can fly around the house.

First Day in Llangrannog

Sea view

A most marvellous walk from the Farm House (a most excellent last-minute find from lovely Fay) to “the city” as F called it, or Llangrannog to the rest of the world.

Cliff top pose

Break time 

For such a long distance hike many rest stops were required.


But the destination was well worth the effort.



More chicks. This time in a proper bird box. There’s new bird life everywhere this year: garage, holly tree, rosemary bush. bird house, bird box, loft, ivy, hedge…

Dawn and Dusk


The beginning and the end of yesterday across the fields around the house.

I could grow slowly old contentedly here.

Blue Tits

Woodpecker damage to the birdhouse

The woodpecker was after the eggs, and made a real mess of the bird house in the process.

Checking in on the chicks

But mum and dad seemed to cope okay with the larger entrance.

Baby Blue Tit

and the chicks flew!
We’re grandparents at last.

Visitors from Google: this probably isn’t the post you were expecting.
Don’t worry, I’ll forget your IP address.

Pen Y Fan


Breakie for champions (or just Aiddy & Mart) after a restful night (ignoring the herc at 150ft) in the camping field at Cantref Adventure Farm and Bunkhouse.

Road from the campsite

Before setting off down the lane towards the mountains.

Cloud seeding the welsh way

The bright spring morning with clear blue skies had obviously unsettled the locals who, knowing that hikers expect it to rain when in Wales, instantly sprang into action, seeding some low level clouds to make us feel at home during the hike up through the foothills.

Pen Y Fan


We saw some sheep too – another unusual sight for this part of the world.

Pen Y Fan Sign

The path up to Pen Y Fan was clearly marked

On the top

and in next to no time we were up at the top, with next to no one else around. Except that is for the UKs teenage population “doing DofE” and two crazy polish mountain bikers.

Pen Y Fan & Crybin from Craig Cwareli

Not content with just one peek, we bagged Crybin and Fan Y Big (or was it Big Y Fan?)

Where we hiked from

before skirting Craig Cwareli which dropped us right into the lovely village of Llanfrynach…

Pub, or not

…and the pub for a well deserved pint of Brains.

Except the pub was shut.

Next time we’ll ring ahead and check before hiking 14-odd miles and up (and down) 3,800 feet for a drink.

Top hike. Cheers Mart.

Winter Sunset

Winter sunset

A winter sunset across the field in front of the house. At the end of a stormy day like this you can watch those cloud shapes changing for hours.

The ghost ship

Ghostly river

Stuff on a ship rounding Colehouse Point from the Lower Hope heading towards Gravesend Reach on the River Thames.

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay, IOW

Down the road from the “holiday house” was lovely Horseshoe Bay. A little chilly with the breeze blowing and the snow falling.


Some nice wave action too. But not enough swell to surf the kayak.