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Having a super-Christmas and wishing you a super new year!


The final move as Paul complete's one of the tricker puzzles set by Grand-Puzzler Les.

37 minutes

37 minutes of hard graft and the kitchen-shop is finally finished

Christmas Eve in Ottakers

Cake, coffee and hot chocolate surrounded by books in Ottaker's Costa Corner - finn's taking notes on the preparation of frothy milk. Updated to fix broken link


No prizes for guessing who's is who's.

Barista Training

That's two medium latte's; fairtrade beans; with an extra shot.

One for Dan

Pork pie at Great Granny's - one just for Dan .

More week of two

"Another cake" said finn, "my, where will we put it all"

Week of Two

Finn's extended week of birthday, seen here with one of several cakes.

"Cake" said finn. And he meant it.

smoke from graemes dyke

smokefromgraemesdyke , originally uploaded by aiddy .

This is taken from Graemes Dyke Road in Berkhamsted, approx 6.5 miles from the Buncefield depot.

canal smoke

canalsmoke , originally uploaded by aiddy .

Smoke, not clouds, from a bridge over the grand union canal at Berkhamsted looking south east towards the smoke from the Buncefield explosion. Early in the morning the smoke covered the sky towards the south of Buncefield, later in the day most of the plume was east of the fire


The Buncefield distribution terminal (storing oil, petrol and kerosene) in Hemel Hempstead exploded this morning . This is the view from our house this morning, as the sun tries to poke through the smoke.


making birthday cake