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one not red balloon

balloon lost above barrington

look out below

harvey takes off on the giant slide at the global graphics summer party -
police are currently looking for neil, the man caught on camera giving him a push

more at flickr

christening of the week

last sunday was ronnie's christening, ronnie is the smaller one

All Aboard

Ready for the walking bus.

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If you go down to the woods today...

down to the woods today for a picnic & a bear hunt

The art of slip fielding

harvey goes to extreme lengths to teach grandad how to slip catch properly.

next lesson: teaching fielding at silly mid on with a baseball bat

Saturday Adventure

harvey takes a breather, all the pedaling up hill had obviously taken its toll


Cycling in wendover woods was probably a tad optimistic. half way round finn decided he was better off walking. [OS Map: Explorer 181]

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