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durham cathedral

durham cathedral

drank beer with graeme & jo in sunny durham at the weekend, hence too late to get inside the cathedral .

this piccy shows a view close to the one in the painting over (great) granny's fire place.

when stan & herbie come to play

the incredibles

super hero's

power ranger meets spiderman in a blur of super powers

wedding of the month

the wedding of clever cousin robin and beautiful danielle took place on sunday at st. michaels church, houghton-le-spring

that would; of course; be this st. michaels and not this one. easy mistake to make, obviously.

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serious construction project. started by alice but harvey takes over after an explaination from gavin over what is a mans job.

[The picture of gavin drinking pims has been removed for legal reasons - Ed]


found beautiful hemmick beach for our last afternoon

so tucked out of the way that google's map is near useless , but that's what the ordnance survey was invented for, you'll be wanting OS Explorer Map 105 ;-)


deep into heligan


newquay bus station - fay feels inspired


west country break: flynn seriously not impressed by gavin's idea that he ride the 8 miles there and 8 miles back. needless to say flynn ran most of the way


west country break: from padstow to beer rock


west country break: flying flynn made friends with finn. for some reason finn thought flynn was called alice. perhaps he thought it was less confusing that way


west country break: by bike from padstow past wadebridge towards bodmin. there's no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing


west contry break: went sailing in and around padstow and rock with gavin


west country break: bicton and around with graeme & jo


very tired, very cosy, after a fun day in wallingford


window frame. second in an occasional series

this one happens to be in hazel & paul's kitchen


the boys do the pop art thingy