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Bye bye crane

They took the crane away yesterday, the houses at the bottom of the road are nearly done ('bout time too) with just the tiles and the inside fitting to do. So they used another big crane to take our one away and now our nice landmark and finn's first word is no more

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Hair Cut!

Look who didn't eat their crusts this week. Finn takes top honours in the curly stakes; for now at least. Good job the forecast isn't for rain.


Top of a slide, looking down

Star Jump

It's not just for kids you know...


frost on a grass roller, derbyshire.

The view from Julian and Trudi's

The view from Julian and Trudi's, who, extremely kindly, allowed us all to descend for the weekend. Big thanks.

Some piccy's below, some more bonus material on flickr or flickr slideshow (make sure I have you listed as friends or family on flickr).

Monsal Head

Evening at Monsal Head , Roger, mad fellow that he is, cycled up from Cressbrook just for a pint.

Face Paint II

Spidermen to the rescue on the Spider Tractor

Face Paint I


Opps said Gavin. I'm not sure I should have done that.


Mam Tor: on the way up


More sunset from Litton


Sunset from Litton


Alan scrubbing hard at the sink...or rescuing the last tea bag from down the drain

Finn's First Summit

The gang on the summit of Mam Tor earlier this afternoon.


Well, having said I never get time to do stuff when travelling for work, here's something interesting from the second trip in a row. I was in Brussels last week for a meeting, and our CEO arranged a tour of Brussels, including Brussels cathedral. We were fortunate to get a guided tour by Paul De Ridder, who worked on the 17year restoration project... 2022-04-03: removed broken link

Fireworks V

All wiped out after the firework action

Fireworks IV

The morning after

Fireworks III

The crew take a well earned break having safely dispatched all the explosives up into the atmosphere

Fireworks II

Harvey & Stan take cover on the deck as Rocket Man Paul sends up another 50lb firework.

Fireworks I

Firework night at The Chase

George Eastman House III

I don't usually get the opportunity to go visiting places when travelling for work, but last week managed to sneak a couple of hours at George Eastman House (Mr. Kodak) in Rochester, New York State. This is one of the gate posts.

Thanks to Brent for the great idea.

George Eastman House II

This is the museum extension at George Eastman House

George Eastman House I

Inside George Eastman House

The elephant was a replica of one from an Eastman safari.

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