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A muddy walk with Grandad, Kim, Simon, Ally, lots of mud, a troll and a spot of hide-and-seek.

Say Cheese Cherie

Finn has his curls measured for a new wig while practising cheesey Cherie smiles

Honiton Rugby Club

Honiton rugby club (Jo's local) and yes, that is the wrong shaped ball

Honiton Carnival

Saturday: home via another stop in Honiton to watch the carnival with Graeme, Jo et al.

Padstow Sunrise

Another skyview from Padstow

Rock at Night

Padstow Sunset

The ever changing sky around Padstow, Rock and the Camel Estuary. You could sit and look at this view for hours - and we did.

Alice's Jugs

A disaster is averted when we realise a previous occupant had re-arranged Alice's jugs into a random order, thus shattering the symmetry of the flat and raising the spectre of
Sick Building Syndrome.

Fortunately, we were on hand to replace the jugs in strict height order, as can be seen by the above piccy.


Friday: this was an indoor day (well, a little bit of it was indoor's)

Padstow Sky

[Deleted] Beach

Finn inspecting flood defenses during major irrigation works on [deleted] beach. [Deleted] beach was a real find, small, quiet, continuous water supply for irrigation digging, surf shop, and a proper coffee bar with a decent coffee machine. The name and location of [deleted] beach have been removed by request of the locals we met who said it was even better a few years back - before some silly local paper listed it as one of the better beaches in Cornwall.

[The photo's of local sign posts being 'adjusted' have also been removed - Ed ]

Sand Snipe

Sand Snipe, the Padstow-based dredger, heading out of the harbour channel.

[ Padstow Harbour ]

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Eden - and the first canopy bubble in captivity

Tuesday: We had our second visit to Eden this week, lots of things have grown since we were there four years ago. They're now using a helium balloon to do pruning in the canopy.

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Rock Pool

a short walk from the flat takes you to the beaches below Padstow. We had almost the whole of this beach to ourselves.


Sand Dune

we took the ferry from padstow to rock and had loads of fun on the beach.

The Angel

The Angel

Saturday: At Graeme and Jo's new flat in Honiton . The Angel is the name on the outside of the building - we think because it is the old Angel hotel .


Dazzled by a new BatMan shirt

Sneaky Shark

The use of distraction to beat uncle graeme at sneaky sharks...


captured conker under the spotlight