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He's behind you


Under Auroa bridge in Seattle there's meant to be a troll... only there was no sign of him when we were there, maybe he was hiding?

Happy Ron

A trip to Palm Springs for Lyra's Imaging Symposium.

Party Time

Heidi, Sharon and Paula are 30 this year. So a bit of a no brainer then - a big party at Sharon's new place. More piccy's on flickr (flickrtag: heidisharonpaulaparty )

Canal Walk

Another view walking back from nursery.

Piccy for Sean

Sean wondered what the piccy's from the SonyEricsson K750 are like - so here's one from today's lunch time walk.


Cemex have a proposal1 to extend the quarry at Barrington; but the extension threatens the 'Whole Way'. Someone's been digging holes to take a look at what else might be there - before it all goes.

  1. something which is long since lost on the interwebs

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Gray walk

A short lunchtime walk around Barrington .

New paint

A weekend in honiton: new valves for 6 rads, a dab of paint, and some screws in the floor. But, more importantly, beer at the holt and the curry.

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Frosty Canal Walk

A frosty, crunchy slip-sliding walk back from the nursey along the canal, starting at Northchurch cricket club

then down to bridge 139

and a slalom through the frozen puddles

and then a leap over the picnic bench at Bushes lock (number 50)

before the final leg to bridge 140a via the pool between locks 51 and 52 (Gas Lock 1 and Gas Lock 2) which is currently drained for repair

my cobwebs? gone ;-)


Herbie's Birthday

Herbie, by candle light, at the grand old age of 2 (ish).

Bonus pictures on flickr. DSC04729 , originally uploaded by aiddy .

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snooze cruise

harvenfinnasleep , originally uploaded by aiddy .

The boys building up energy credits on the way to herbie's birthday party.


Look out for the back-to-school sewing frenzy. Proof that bone is tougher than metal, least the bone in my left foot is.

Happy new year

Here's to a happy, peaceful and generous 2006.