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Jeco Land

flickr When the two ladies are out everyone has to be very careful in Jeco land. It used to be that if one of the two ladies went missing, everything else stopped for the Great Tortoise Hunt . Now, they just wonder home in time for tea.



Les and Marge on Les' sixty-fifth.

More for family on flickr .

Trig Point

flickr Another summit & another trig point for the boys - this one was on top of Ivinghoe Beacon this afternoon.

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Bridges by camera-phone



Finn & I had a walk along the canal to see the very nice people at the local computer shop to get some speakers for grandad's skype machine. The fact that KCS has air conditioning obviously had nothing to do with our decision to stop there before returning home...

...on the way back we passed some bridges over the canal and took some piccy's on a camera-phone. What fun we have.



Fantastic sports day at school last week - started early before it got too hot. Very different from when I was five, much more fun and loads more things to do.

Compare and contrast

flickr A delightful little boat house, downstream a little way from Wallingford, where Oxford University Boat Club are building a new boat house (at least I think it's OUBC, there do seem to be a lot of Oxford University rowing clubs ).

flickr The boats outside the new boat house appeared to be converted Dart sailing catamarans .

Waitrose on Thames


There's a nice new Waitrose in Wallingford. Just down stream from the town is the bridge over the river for the bypass, underneath is this graffiti.

Not sure if it was protest or advertising.

I wonder if Richard Neale can shed any light on the subject?

Booze Cruz


Okay, not really a booze cruz, but we did get to a rather nice hotel by the river for lunch...

flickr a place called Streatley which is across the River from Goring.


More for family and friends on flickr .

More Elephants

flickr Continuing the elephant theme , we present " baby elephant with train, digger and roll of sumint "


See, Lions


What better way to cool off on a hot summer afternoon than with a splash from a Sealion at Whipsnade ?

Chocking It


Grandad was over to help fit a new back door - thankfully he'd also borrowed Brendon's 'chock', making the whole plane-it-to-fit routine that much easier.

Thanks Les, and thank-you Brendon.

Coat Hooks

flickr One of the nice things of clearing the utility room (corridor?) to fit the new back door, was that we got to see the coat hooks - normally they're hidden under coats, hats and bags.

Morning Walk


Because of the rain, cycling to the nursery wasn't on, instead we went by buggy along the canal, past Bushes Lock .


On the way we passed 'Snowdrop' just passed Northchurch Lock.

Rain drops


It's been very hot, humid and dry... until yesterday, when it 'absolutely bucketed down'


Thank you aunty


Thanks to aunty , and the wonders of streaming video over wireless networks, the fact that the england game went to extra time didn't spoil the barby.