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Two ladies


Two old ladies - rose and florence - except they're not, ladies that is. Oh well, easy mistake to make.

Thing is, finn prefers their wooden cousins , they don't 'nip' so much ;-)

Room with a view

flickr Here's the view from the hotel room at the weekend - nearly as good as the view from the flat in Padstow.

Weekend Break


A weekend break up in London town to see the sights - in this case just in time to see the last flight on the London Eye -


which, possibly, was caused by our choice of transport. Not the most comfortable for two.


But breakie from a taxi shelter/cafe was great :-)


flickr Good news, the Eucalyptus tree in the garden is starting to recover from it's haircut .

Tonights sunset wasn't too bad either.

Throwing in the towel

flickr Another aspect of my comedy Boise hotel room was the (fake) rock walls, seen here sporting two hand towels, carefully tied up to make them almost impossible to use.

Elephant Shower


One of the joys of spending a night in Boise during a Soccer Tournament is that you get to sleep in places that have elephants as showers...

Jet Lagged


Heathrow to Seattle to Boise to Phoneix to Heathrow in 48 hrs. This is BA288 in Phoneix taken from the BA lounge - complete with window reflections.



The rose bush is going for broke. Must have been the massive hacking we gave it last autumn. I wonder if the Eucalyptus will be the same after its haircut ?


flickr So, what with the sunshine, we had to have a BBQ. Fortunately E&C had booked a spot at Wendover Woods . Perfect.

flickr …and the sky stayed blue, despite all our smoke.

More for family & friends on flickr.



Yesterday was clear and hot with the bluest blue sky I can remember



The Ridgeway long distance path glimpsed from our lunch time picnic spot. Something I'd like to do one day... maybe a start would be walking to Wallingford .



Picnic lunch today at Ivinghoe Beacon

Clearing Sky


Clearing evening squall from the back bedroom window

Barrington Walk


Some fresh air at lunch time with a walk around Barrington - I have Ivory Coast in the sweep stake at work, but they weren't out training on the green...


so I walked down the path...

flickr the footpath that goes over the hill to the pub


Where I bumped into Rod, who was also out for a stroll (on the footpath that is, not at the pub).

More Flowers

Flowers in the garden - fay tells me the one on the right is actually some kind of allium .

Summer is here


Blue skies and summer are here - looks like we skipped most of spring

Buggy at five


We nearly had a disaster with a trip to the Rex - the buggy had a flat and refused the first corner.

The buggy is 5 years old and has nearly had it, what with montains, beaches, rivers and other mistreatment. Yesterday, I decided that 4 puncture repairs were as much as any one wheel should expect in the call of duty, and so replaced the inner tubes. After regreasing the hubs, adjusting the front wheel and break, and tightening the bolts that hold the frame together... it should be okay for a month or two longer.


flickr Dragon tattoo - perfect for the pirates

Between two houses


This is the gap between two houses - our house and next door. In fact it's more the gap between kitchens than the gap between houses. For those that have been to visit, can you spot the mistake?

Hole in the road


Mid afternoon on Friday, just before the weekend, someone decided to dig a hole in the middle of the road outside. Nice one :-)

Berko Sunset


Sunset over berko from the back bedroom

Rain drops


Rain drops on the newly painted back bedroom window sill - yes, it did dry in time (just)