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kayaking at 6

tofino, BC, Canada

H saw some kayakers out and wanted to try it

prep for sea kayaking

so with some help from the local experts , we did.

cedar tree; 1000+ years old

A little paddle over to Meares Island to see some very old trees — this one is estimated to be over 1000 years old.

sorry son (or when language collides)

Sorry Son

yes, I probably will pay for this one. dearly.

one year in pnw


one year ago today we arrived in the pacific north west via BA049

don't we look good grayer fatter smarter cute republican cooler older now?




wet morning in victoria

titanic in victoria

The morning after both boys fell asleep in the old spaghetti factory was wet, so we headed into the Royal BC Museum to get out of the rain and into the Titanic Exhibition.

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The art of sand


The boys on Tofino's MacKenzie beach , having been inspired by the sand sculptures at Parksville beachfest .

We have a long way to go. In the people's choice awards...

Bear Necessities

F voted for Bear Necessities...


H voted for Pirates...

Polar Express

Dad voted for Polar Espress(o)...

... and mum doesn't like her piccy; so that one got vetoed ;-)

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Run away


Time to run away, again ! Of all the places to run into a bear, this one sprang out on us while on Vancouver Island.

The boys did great, remembering all the instructions from the Rangers: stand tall and make yourself look big, walk away slowly and don't look into their eyes (else they might want to fight)…

…the guide at the Royal British Columbia Museum thought the whole thing very strange ;-)

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Er, where did the path go?

rock garden

Another Bandera Piccy

dead tree

The excuse for this one is to point out the elevation gain: 3,200 feet (without the leg down to Mason lake and back)...

...and Scafell Pike is only 3,210 above sea level ;-)

r o c k s

Rocks on Bandera

Some rocks rock.


Rainier from Bandera

Fay & the boys are away so Martin & I took the opportunity for another 'not child friendly hike' . This time we did Bandera Mountain and Mason lake; the guide thought the views were worth the steep ascent — and it was right.

Bandera summit photo

Martin on Bandera

More pictures on flickr .

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Another example of a proper walk


Proper walks can be short. There's nothing in the definition that say's they have to be long (or for that matter, that you have to wear shorts).

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Table Mountain

Table Mountain and some white fluffy stuff, WA, USA

Table mountain with friendly, but Mt. Baker-obscuring, clouds.