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an early new year @ beaver lake

proper walk

the gang requested a 'proper walk' so we headed off to beaver lake

for the benefit of "ken", that's beaver lake, approx. 3km east (aka right) of Pine Lake, or Lat:=37.0625, Long:=-95.677068
see also Wikipedia | Google | TerraServer



definitely a wide variety in the quality of beaver impressions
(ranked roughly from left to right in this observation)

walking the plank at beaver lake

poorer quality impressions were rewarded by walking the plank
(or in this case, half a fir tree)


then a quick ride back to the clarkes for a luvly tea/supper where I was sequentially thrashed at WII tennis, ping pong and trickster hand shaking (yes, I'm talking to you Miss. H!)

thanks all!

cheeky chap


Not another cup of warm milk?


inventing new games

Another day, another new game is invented. Today it was 'Lego Cuddlies'.



Lighting up

brov and the lights

Rattlesnake Hike

the gang at rattlesnake lake

boys at rattlesnake lake

brov at rattlesnake lake

The plan was to hike up to rattlesnake ledge , but the weather was worse than expected and the snowline had dropped since the excursion to twin falls so instead we walked along the lake.

The rock mountain crew will be please to hear that the new tea thermos performed well.

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Festive Amelie


Some Christmas Grub

santa's grub

chrimbo pud

Santa and the reindeers got mince pies, carrots and Red Hook ESB, complete with tomato ketchup (at F's insistence!)

Mum made real and choco-holic Christmas puds. Both most excellent, and with Brov's brandy butter, they slide down very easily.

Proper walking at Christmas


You know the score .

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Christmas Eve in Seattle - Part II



car on the beach

...then off to golden gardens (via some lunch at Ray's) for a walk on the beach.

Christmas eve in Seattle - Part I

paragliding seattle



tag seattle

Gasworks park first with a bit of paragliding (watching).

Proper Walk Series

proper walk

Another proper walk . And another pattern is starting to emerge. Do you need to be wearing shorts for it to be a really proper walk.

As Graeme & Jo now say … "Proper Job".

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National Park Monopoly


Result! REI had US National Park monopoly... a different twist on the game, plus a nice list of more places to visit.

Brov won :-(

Twin Falls Expedition

boys by a sign

This time we did the waterfall hike frontwards .

Lower falls from the overlook

and made it as far, in the snow, as the overlook for the lower fall


which was just enough for Amelie's first cross country expedition


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Finn @ 4


finn  @ 4

finn @ 4

Yikes! Finn was four last week, so we had his special celebration breakfast: pancakes with chicken stew.
Jump Planet provided the entertainment - and we didn't loose anyone on the slides.

Big thanks to Victoria & Harriet for the cake!

Proper Walk Series

proper walk

Another proper walk, so another piccy in the series.

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Marks out of ten please

marks out of ten

Brov assesses the latest aiddy-joke with a whopping 10/10 :-)

Windy lake Washington

windy day on lake washington

A bit of a blow down at lake Washington and a mini-fetch was up, not enough to surf, but enough to get you wet if you stood too close to the drift wood.

Windy Walk


mun & brov

ninja's in the woods

Christmas Lights

noel lights

Christmas lights on the hill above Duvall.

Noel was out.

competition time!

picture A

picture B

does fay take a better picture than aiddy?
vote now with your fav pic: comment with either "top fav" or "bottom fav"

Context: lots of rain == flooding == interesting bike rides

snow tracks

snow tracks

Snow. Rain and then possibly floods forecast.
Bring warm clothes and wooly hats Ú

rock star in an airport

rock start in an airport

Luckily, the bodyguards were in another car!

Crossing the Columbia

crossing the columbia

From Oregon to Washington, across the river