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wind swept

fay at a windy ecola state park

fay at ecola state park where the wind blows in from the pacific and bends trees like a pint of stella

saberton family resemblance

sunset beach

cannon from ecola

canon beach

canon beach

canon beach

canon beach

A little south of seaside is Ecola State Park with rather oar-somme views of Cannon beach

quite a spot for a spot of lunch

followed up with a mini-hike along the cliff...

Indian beach

indian beach Indian beach and another amazing sunset

giving thanks on the beach in Oregon

sunset beach morning

oregon sunset

sunset beach

the drag down I5 to seaside for an extended thanksgiving break was well worth it. loads of beach time — not bad for November, especially as this time last year we were throwing snow balls

sunset beach bikers

the boys' biker gang had fun terriorising the promenade

oh, and the turkey went down well too (with yorkshires !)

big thanks to katie & martin

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bath time

bath time

well, someone has to make sure they stay clean

family snap

family snap

quick snap before granddad headed off to seatac

the run down to the airport can be a bit dodgy — hence the profusion of camo gear

Opps, there goes another 'Z'

laptop z

Not the best way to start a presentation!

Sign of the times


This thing only has one input: the feed from the PC.

Water break

water break

A small hike with granddad and Rachel to the falls at Olallie State Park. We did the hike backwards, because dad missed the exit.

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Out with the boys





After showing us how to: balance in a capula; sketch sculptures; colour in menus; and eat ice cream, the boys left for the Boeing IMAX theatre so the girls could take granddad shopping.
Who got the better deal?

Art, what is art then?





We need to tread carefully around the subject for this post since lovely Fay studied at London's Central St. Martin's College of Art & Design , but we're not too sure what's sculpture and what's park at the Olympic Sculpture Park .
Can you help sort which is which?

Girls go to Orcas

orcas view

orcas deer

orcas statues

The girls bravely left Les and I in charge, and nipped up to Orcas for a couple of days at Fawlty Towers . We think they had fun, but every time they try and talk about it they descend into giggles...

The case of the strange man on a tractor

strange man on a tractor

A mystery for the neighbours: we had another strange man riding around on the tractor! This one also claiming to be 'the granddad'.

The case of the never falling tooth

H with tooth

It's been weeks and weeks, but still it just wobbles...

Halloween Spiders

halloween spider web