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Fun around La Push

Hunting for blackberries

Hunting for blackberries

Wipe out

Wiping out in the Pacific surf

Super dad shows his strength (or not)

Clearing beach access

Face off with the Pacific

Beach olympics: shown here the javelin qualifying event

Beach walk at La Push

Beach walks

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

La Push

Wave watching


watching the world pass gently by on second beach

Road Trip


All buckled up for a trip to the Olympic Peninsula

Catching the breeze on walla walla

It was blowing hard as we crossed the sound on Walla Walla

ferry conflab

wiser heads spent the crossing inside.

heading to Sequim

Sequim , population 5,688, is supposedly in the rain shadow of the Olympics. It's been raining on all four occasions that I've passed through.


Traffic was a tad backed up, but luckily it looks like the accident wasn't nearly as bad as the rumors had suggested.

Storm King Ranger Station - well named

We stopped off at the aptly named Storm King Ranger Station. It was chucking it down.
This picture is especially noteworthy since taking it delayed our departure...

Lake Cresent

...putting us behind the extraordinary wide load (again!) and therefore is slow stop-start traffic around Lake Crescent .

Sunset at La Push

But the view from the cabins on the beach at La Push was worth it.

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Cheese cake tasting

cheese cake tasting

...guess who ate the most!

Not a shaft passer

safety harness

Safety harness at the Hiram M. Chittenden locks with a clever mechanism to bypass the posts that secure the wire without disconnecting the harness.

Trip to the locks

boat in the lock

It's that time of year again , a trip to the locks to watch boats...

salmon ladder

finn and fish eggs

...and fish

boys on a bench


and to sit and watch the world pass by.

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Lego Fest


The guys partaking in a spot of intensive Lego construction just before bedtime.

Creek Running

the boys enjoying a spot of creek running

Stan and Harvey demonstrating superior skills creek running on sourdough creek.

Superior than their dad's that is.

NCI in Mono

tree - deer creek trail

Deer creek trail

Deer creek bridge

Bridge over deer creek

stick in sourdough creek

Sourdough Creek

Paul contemplating in the deer shelter


Bat watching

Bat watching by flashlight

Bat watching on Diablo Dam by (winder powered) torch light

Green Power

Diablo dam

Diablo lake is formed by Diablo Dam, one of the many dams built to provide hydro-power to Seattle and around...

Hydro power means power lines in the mountains

...the power lines can be quite pretty...

Diablo dam can the lights that they power.

North Cascades Institute

Dry moss comes back to life with a little water

rest break

on the trail with ranger hollie

feeling nature

finn & the ranger striding ahead

Family getaway weekend (part II).

Last year was such a great experience that we headed back up Highway 9 to the North Cascades Institute with Team-Whitty-Waelend for some outdoor education and relaxation.


R&H did sterling work as TeamFred...


...and R wasn't too shabby with the group shot either!

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Mountain Sun to Moon

sun going down above the clouds

Sun going down above the clouds...

the climbers moon reveal the moon smiling down.


South climb trail starts here

183 is the South Spur route (aka the dog route) from cold creek camp ground up Mount Adams.

spring flowers and mount adams

The spring flowers were out in abundance around 7,000ft...

martin and chris on the trail

...but the landscape soon dried out.

strike a pose...

The hike in gave us some time to practice poses for the summit photo...

how high?

...and to see how tall Martin is.

Chris taking a pause

Chris nearing the ridge line

The first snow field was a welcome change from rocks and gravel

Martin and Pikers Peak beyond (with the summit hiding to the lef

but it didn't half go on, and on, and on

after the sun went

snug as a bug in the tent

until eventually we reached the lunch counter @ just over 9,000ft and found a stone wall to pitch the tent behind (out of the wind so long as you kept below 2ft) and a sunset above the clouds...

taking sunset pictures in the cold

...which made for good piccy's :-)

getting there... 11,315 feet

Next day was a slow sicky slog up past piker's peak...

Mount Adams summit piccy - 12,276ft the top

abandoned miners hut on the top of Mt Adams

where a miners hut remains,

Mount Hood

and then a more rapid decent, pausing for views of St Helens and Mount Hood in the distance.

For the interested, the picture that started it , and more on flickr .

Enormous thanks to Chris and Martin for getting us all up and down safe and sound.

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Kids on holiday

Boys assulting the lookout tower

Assaulting the lookout

surf dancing

New forms of interpretative surf dancing.

mail man

Checking the neighbours mail.

Kite flying

Kite flying.


Fluid replenishment.

Fred, gets some help

Taking the 'technical route'.

Stan and surf

Driftwood & Surf.

Finn: wacked

Sand hugging.

Herb rock pushing

Rock pushing.

Look! Birds n' Surf

And a bit of bird watching for big kids too.

Oregon Seascapes


Long way home

Horse riding along the edge of the Pacific

South along long beach


Cannon Beach

Beach I

Canon Beach

shoes at the seaside

Fun at Fort Stevens State Park

Looking out from Fort Lewis

Defending the Columbia - WWII style

Fort Stevens State Park had all sorts of fun stuff for the boys to climb on and in, stuff that was built to defend the Columbia River over the last 100 years or so.

Harvey taking Stan the easy way home, about that shirt

team picture (you'd be lucky!)

Getting a piccy of all of them was, well, difficult.


Four boys in a Jeep

We do love to be beside the seaside

famous five on the beach

famous five on the beach



surf jumping


Camp Beach

Kung Fu Panda went to someones head

Camp Beach


Riding the sammamish trail

Riding the trail...

H at Tully's thirsty work.

New tricks

Squirrel learning new tricks