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Hide and Seek


Can you find them?

Proper Walk Returns

proper walk shot

Return of the proper walk shot.
Note that this one is also an example of a proper job :-)

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Fourth time

hiking the trail

On the fourth attempt we did the twin falls hike!

Attempt 1: rain stopped play so we hunted yeti instead
Attempt 2: made it, only backwards
Attempt 3: snow stopped play

dappled forest walk

mini time out

flying down the trail

going back we just flew down the trail

basking rock

H opted to bask in the sun mid-stream...

high water mark

…luckily the water was lower than it was when these logs got jammed.

Note: This post was updated on 2020-11-28 to fix broken links

Comfort Zone

comfort zone

I spent four (long) days last week
outside my comfort zone but having fun.
This pic above was me at about 1.30 am at the end of long day #3.

I learnt a lot, including that learnings isn't a word.

Proper Sitting

My feet in the sun

A slightly variation in the proper walking foot shot .

This time I'm sitting.

It's good to leave your comfort zone...occasionally.

fresh air

H on the beach

F on the beach

H & I have been bit sick :-(
so we jumped at the opportunity to get out in the fresh air today with a walk and some frisbee at Golden Gardens

puget sound dance

some went a bit further with open air tai chi
(at least I think that's what it is)

winter dip at golden gardens

while others were just ridiculous.
I mean, we're 47°N and it's February :-)

Tub time

finn in the tub

Waiting for buses

waiting for the bus in the rain

The timetable for my bus changed at the weekend, as too did the route, which made for a slightly confusing trip to work today (made worse by a substandard edition of TWiT ).

The sunset in the pouring rain this evening while waiting
for the bus home made up for it.
Oh, and I got home to the news that Sammy the Salmon
has, most probably, saved the school.

Monopoly on a Sunday afternoon

monopoly madness

A blur of frantic activity as H strives once again to dominate
the family monopoly championships.

Math homework was never this fun when I was six;
but then I didn't get math homework when I was six.

Not what it is

not cup holder

Smile of the day.
Warning sticker on a car door cup holder
indicating that contents in open cups may spill.

IMHO depends very much on the driving style of the driver...


PG Tips Tin

The PG Tips tin is empty.

For never was there a story of more woe than this.

Team Zune

Team Zune

Music, news and opinions on the go. Cool.
Wireless sync when I'm suffering from a cold and banished to the spare room. Cooler.
Being part of the social? Haven't figured that one out yet.

Also means I'm not nicking Fay's iPod when I get the bus to work!

Super bowl!

fin in a box

The Super bowl is, for some reason, rather big here. Big enough that you'd want to take advantage of the lack of crowds and head for the slopes
(assuming you could avoid the dynamite being dropped from choppers ).

F celebrated in traditional style, with a case of Bud.
King of beers indeed.

fun at the park

big tree

boy eating tree


H had a party so we headed off to the park for some excitement with the ' big tree ', ' boy eating tree ' and ' spiral staircase of doom '...

good cake

...followed by a pit-stop at the coffee shop for chocolate cake. Result.

bike man

cycle man

F is getting pretty speedy, the trick is going to be getting the training wheels off without him noticing...

cottage lake - frozen (just)

ice on cottage lake

Or at least frozen enough to have fun with the boys skimming stones and chunks of ice across the surface.
I *love* the sound of skating ice in the mornings.


burried drift wood


snow man vader

snow for us means a bit of fun in the garden/yard with mr. vader
but snow also means I90 closed due to stuff like this and this