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Golden Gardens stone throwing

Boats and the Olympics from Golden Gardens

Stone throwing competitions and boat counting on the beach at Golden Gardens

Happy Birthday Number One


birthday silly

Amelie is a big 'one' :-)

Happy birthday Amelie, with added 'cha cha cha'.

Summer Hike

gear up

The family thought I was crazy (well, more crazy then usual) when I geared up for a little hike on Mount Pilchuck (yes, that Mount Pilchuck )

off we go

But the conditions didn't disappoint: low cloud, rain and snow, and this is June, I mean this is meant to be summer.

Pilchuck trial head

No GPS, bad viz and fresh snow at the trail head (plus no other idiots on the trail leaving tracks to follow) meant navigation by map and compass.

snow, sky and ice trees

frozen world

Soon we'd climbed into a world of frozen trees, ice and dodgy snow

lunch with a view

Where lunch came with a spectacular view of uniform gray and a most welcome brew (thank you MSR, the stove worked below zero)

Where snow meets sky

We think we made it to the top,
but when everything is a shade of white you never can tell. 

Are you standing on fluffy snow or fluffy cloud?
Just don't look down

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Hide and Seek

hide and seek

Not the most obvious place in the house to hide, but close.

Kitchen Window Visitors

kitchen window visitors

Watching the game


I could get used to this, it's almost like cricket but yet nothing like it.