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f discovers new ways to carry sticks

F found a new way to carry sticks


Robot by F

F had fun building a robot at school

Three days of proper walks

foot and a beach view

feet and stones

foot and sky

Camping + no driving = one, two, three days of proper walks .

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Wot, no cars?

no cars

Memorial day weekend at Deception Pass State Park and look, no cars in the car park/parking lot.

Maybe the early hour had something to do with it.

Camping Deception


A long weekend camping at Deception Pass State Park was a chance to really get to know the place after last years day trip .

H on west beach

Boys building stuff

Drift wood made for excellent den building

Cranberry Lake

Floating on Cranberry Lake

and Cranberry Lake was a great place to float around and cool off on.

Eagle watching

Some eagle spotting...

Cloud over Fidalgo Island

...and cloud gazing on North Beach,

sunset cloud over Lopez Island

Sunset from west beach

Sunset over Lopez

with just-in-time sunsets from West beach.

artists at work

A chance to wind down with some coloring...


...and stone sculpture.



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Cheeky Chap

cheeky chap

Look what we found on the window sill!

May in the Garden

May in the garden

As is becoming tradition , May in the garden.

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More biking



lost and found

Martin's cap lost on the way up, found by someone and placed on this tree so we'd see it on the way down.
Whoever you were: thank you.

Mail box

snow field

half way up

An early start on Saturday for a hike up Mail Box Peak


Pretty spectacular views of Mt. Rainier to the SE, but the haze meant downtown Seattle was only _just_ visible.

Post man

me on mail box peak

It's called Mail Box Peak because there's a mail box on the top! Martin had a good riffle through the contents, but there was no ice cold beer to be found.

Football in the garden



I cut the lawn this afternoon, which meant football could resume. It had got a bit ridiculous having to wade through the grass, and the lawn service - aka Les - has been otherwise engaged in strategic bedroom floor leveling activities...

post match team photo

The winning team: 10 goals to 8!
The proper training sessions begin Monday, we need more practice before Fantastic Fred arrives.


stripes and cammo

Stripes and cammo

School Auction

about as smart as I get

An excuse to get dressed up, the 2008 school auction fund raiser (and yes, I do hate wearing a suit).

bird house II

The bird house did good, loads a $$$$$$s!


coffee mug near accident

I nearly lost my coffee this morning, luckily I spied it before it spilled. Could have been nasty.

my friend, mr starbuck

my friend, mr starbuck

Almost exactly what you need when you're up a tad early for a multi-continent conference call.
I'm thinking of relocating into the kitchen.


Steve is 40 :-)

Yeah baby, Steve hits 40. I'm guessing we'll be missing a massive party or two. Congrats mate.

Bird House


The first grade school auction project is done!
The class painted the birds.


birthday boy


Amazing: 'H' is now 7
I feel a little bit old

not so little anymore