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this year: -9 to 39

This year’s spread: –9.3 C to +39.2 C. Apparently.

hot cool tub

keeping cool

It’s hot (40 C) so the hot tub is now a cool tub.


Not a proper walk!

How to fix an ankle

+ twisted ankle = sprained ankle (or so I thought).

A gentle stroll the following weekend seemed like a good idea.

But, apparently not.

The doc said it’s really busted (sprain + tearing + fracture) and needs some TLC. No more proper walking for a while. Cue violins.

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Dad, by Finn. Finn, by Dad

Dad, by Finn



Manfrotto 709B Digi

Tiny & solid. As used for the group shots on Ingalls.

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Bye Bye Grandparents

Luggage Porter

End of a big trip and it was time to say goodbye to granddad and nana.
The cheery luggage porters were standing by to make the check-in experience as swift and stress-free as possible…

Sleeping Luggage Porter

…or at least one of them was.

Bye bye at SeaTac

Just time for a last minute balanced-on-a-coffee-table snap before tear-time.

They even made it through security first time, looks like they’re getting the hang of things :-)

Chelsea come to town

No Equal

Sounders & Chelsea

Last minute decision to grab some tickets for the Chelsea game was well worth it.
Great game & great entertainment.

15 mins to go

15 minutes to go and we were 2-0 down. Things didn’t get any better, but then they didn’t get any worse either.

Beach Boys



Gran Day

Golden Gardens

What better way to remember Gran than a day on the beach?


Just watching the world go gently by.
I took the stove so we could make some tea, but really it was just too hot.
And I didn’t have china cups, you can’t drink tea on the beach without china.

Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart

Proper Walk

Proper Walk

Following a slight diversion by way of a proper float, we return viewings to our regular series of proper walks.

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A Stroll Up Ingalls

Trailhead Sign

A beautiful day for a walk in the mountains, a stroll with Chris & Jeff

Ingalls Peak from the approach trail

our intended destination, seen here in the centre, was South Ingalls Peak


Hot day, so lots of hydration on the hike in…

Rainier & Koppen Mountain

…or maybe just a chance to admire the views

Lunch time map browsing

A spot of lunch in headlight basin and some time to study maps and things.

Headlight Creek disappears before Mount Stuart

Chris and Jeff admiring the view

Headlight Creek and Mount Stewart forming the perfect backdrops

Team pic at lake Ingalls

Lake Ingalls from the east flank of Ingalls Peak

Lake Ingalls at 6,463ft was still covered in ice (just), and the views got better and better as we went higher.

Chris admiring the view

Chris spotted something strange…

What's that?

Was it Jeff poking at clouds?

Climbers on Ingalls Peak

Or maybe pointing at real climbers (look closely!) on the dogtooth spires leading to the north peak.

Clouds and Mountains

After some much needed scrambling lessons from Jeff, we reached our high point of about 7,400 feet (below the south summit) defeated by time and my dodgy sprained ankle.

7200 and a bit feet

Jeff dancing

But we had enough time on the way down for some fake ‘victory’ piccy’s

Taking the faster way down

before taking the super speedy way down
(how my ankle wished for snow all the way back to the trail head :-))

Ingalls Ridge with approaching cloud

as the clouds rolled in.

Fantastic day. Thanks guys!

Garden footie

Footie with Granddad

Granddad took on the boys and silenced the crowd with some silky smooth moves.

[Dad was on the bench, sprained ankle]

Decision Time

Granddad & Nana

Too much choice, not enough time, what shall we do?


No goggles

F finds an approved way to play nerfs without safety goggles.
Not that he could see anything.

Out of order

Half Dome Sunrise (colour)

There’s a rule, or two, on crossoak.

> Pictures are those that we’ve taken, they get published in order, and as close to when they were taken as family life allows.

Avid readers have noticed that our 4th July Celebrations appear to have broken the publish in order rule (unless we zoomed back to Woodinville half way through our trip to Yosemite). This is obviously an exception, and due entirely to me taking ages to process the sunrise pics. Explaining all this isn’t necessary, but because of that other crossoak rule – no posts without pictures – it does provide an excuse to post another view of that lovely sunrise.

Normal service yadda, yadda

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Sometimes it pays to get out of bed

Half Dome Sunrise

Half Dome Sunrise

Vernal Fall

Half Dome, Vernal Fall and the Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point at sunrise.
Sometimes getting out of bed early can be a really good idea.

The pictures don’t even get close…


4th sunset

Plan C worked out so well last year that this year it was promoted to plan A.

This year we arrived just around sunset…

front row seats

…and secured front row seats on the dock/jetty, with supplies of chocolate (imported cadbury’s for the special occasion, and Finn’s favourite drink).

4th firework 3

4th firework 1

4th firework 2

The fireworks didn’t disappoint.

I can’t help thinking that all the \($\)s spent on fireworks over the years must amount to more than the tax on the tea , and besides, everyone drinks coffee over here… Note: This post was updated on 2020-11-14 to fix broken links

Yosemite Tunnel View

Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View

The Yosemite Valley, with El Captain & Bridaveil Falls, as taken from the viewpoint at the end of the Wawona Tunnel .

This view means a lot to me — it’s the same subject as Ansel Adams Clearing Winter Storm — a picture that has influenced me more than any other.

This picture means a lot to: taken on June 30th 2009, halfway around the world from Frinton , and a reminder of another huge influence on me. Gran, Say hi to Ansel for me.

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Merced Float


The Merced river flows peacefully through the Yosemite Valley.


You can rent rafts at Camp Curry Village (but don’t plan on staying there unless you can cope with high-density low-privacy Butlins) with the put-in a short walk down to the river.

Captain F

Rafting on the Merced

Once on the water you can paddle or float gently down the river,

Yosemite Falls (I think)

admiring the crowd-free views of the valley as you go.

F rafter on the Merced

If floating becomes too much, you can just beach the raft on a beach


to explore


cool-off with a swim (or a splash)

H's deer

and watch the wildlife.

(H ‘stalked’ the deer to get the pic above. Good one!)

Proper Float

All-in-all a proper float .

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Cool Dip

H and the Merced Swimming Hole

H on jump rock

me on jump rock

Reflection with dad

Our cabin backed onto the south fork of the Merced River and, according to the agents details of a nearby cabin for sale, was situated close to one of the best swimming holes on the river. H and I scouted out the best spots.

F & Granddad

H Floating

After our [hot hike]({filename}/2005-2018/ a swim and a float was just perfect.

The fish was this big...

F had a near encounter: “it was this big”.

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Merced & Jump Rock

Jump rock

Jumping rock at the swimming hole.

South Fork Merced River

The South Fork Merced River.

Wawoma, CA.

Strong family

F lifting a tree

H lifting a tree

Fay lifting a tree

Me lifting a tree

Some wind storms along the trail and downed a couple of trees (English: the wind had blown down some tress along the path).
This provided a great opportunity to practice our tree lifting techniques.

Chilnualna Creek Hike

H line leading

A short, but very very hot, hike to the lower Chilnualna Creek waterfall from the cabin.
H lead the way along the road…

Chilnualna Road meadows

…and through the colourful meadows.

gang on the trail

Boys on the rocks

After a mile or so, with a couple of diversions to explore new rock routes,

Chilnualna Creek

we arrived at a cool spot at the base of the lower fall. An ideal spot for a rest and a snack…

H leading with Granddad

Me by chilnualna Creek (lower fall)

H, rock climbing

…and some more climbing :-)

Les? and Jessica

Energetic nana & granddad went onward and upward to the bigger falls – granddad got lost and was found several days later with a little more stubble than is considered smart!


Top climbing H!

Alcatraz Boys

Welcome to Alcatraz

alcatraz steps

Boys on Alcatraz

Fay and the boys went to Alcatraz…
…they came back.

the rock

Road Trip


A small road trip – San Francisco to Chilnualna Falls Rd in Wawona .

Maccy D's in the Central Valley

via Maccy D’s somewhere in the Central Valley,

California Snoozing

a few winks on the road,


and the odd windmill or five (thousand?).

San Francisco Views

San Fransisco Bay at Dusk

San Francisco Bay

Bay Bridge Views

Golden Gate Bridge

Coit Tower

Coit Tower

Downtown San Francisco and the Transamerica Pyramid from the Coit Tower

Transamerica Pyramid from the Coit Tower

Biking the Bridge

Blazing Saddles

Had to be done – biking the bridge thanks to enthusiastic blazing saddles

Golden gate Bridge

Golden gate Bridge

Golden gate Bridge

We all made it to the end of marine drive…

Batman sight spotting

…and, after some detailed examination from Finn, the tag-team decided to cross the bridge, but just half-way across mind.


Mid-way, we thought, “why not go all the way?”.

We rode the bridge!

So we did!

We did decide not to head down to ‘beautiful Sausalito’ and headed back to down town double quick, with a little help from ‘turbo, turbo, turbo’.

Bike rider F

Good job!

Fun time in San Francisco

Argonaut Hotel

A few days exploring San Francisco

Doing the granddad shuffle in San Francisco

Practicing the Granddad Shuffle

H with Alcatraz

Chilling to the Alcatraz view

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Checking out the flora

Ice cream face

Scoffing chocolate ice cream


Clams, of course

H & the brick wall

Brick-built buildings

Finn in 'Frisco

and Italian-American restaurant window views.

Space Needle Glimpse

Space Needle Glimpse

Space needle and the experience music project .

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Dad’s Day Lunch @ the Space Needle

Lunch at the Space Needle

Lake Union from the Space Needle

A double Dad’s day lunch at the Space Needle. The mountains were hiding, but yummy views none the less.