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Birthday Paddle

Fay & Harvey on Lake Washington

I-90 on ramp winds through the wetland

Finn spots a Heron

Me & Fay

Birthday paddle on Lake Washington and around the Mercer Slough Nature Park .

A Day out in Seattle

Please Don't Touch

Harvey with a Geoff McFetridge Design

Recipe for a day out in Seattle: take the bus to downtown; then stroll through bell town , stopping at Patagonia , and on to the Olympic Sculpture Park .

Long walk; feet need rest

Lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory and then a walk along the water front to any random coffee shop for a rest of weary feet.

Celebrating Sounders two-nil up

Wrap things up with a Seattle Sounders FC home game – beating San Diego Earthquakes 2-1.


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Finn’s Last Day

F's Last Dayy

For the last day at BCS for Finn’s class story time was in the garden with Mrs Cambell & Mrs Simmons. Fantastic school, we’ll miss it.
I’m not sure where squirting water at the photog came into the story, but at least it wasn’t me getting damp.

Lake Serene

Big Tree

Martin was back states-side for a brief visit, but not so brief that a short walk wasn’t in order. So with Chris we took another amble up to Lake Serene…

Little Bridel Veil Waterfall

Bridel Veil Creek

…past big (no pics, too wet) and little Bridle Veil Falls that drain the lake through Bridle Veil Creek.

Frozen & Foggy Lake Serene

After our last visit two years ago I was prepared for a swim and a little snooze on lunch rock. Instead the lake basin was fog filled and the lake covered in thick ice.


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Panorama Hike

Mazama Ridge

With a big breakie at Paradise Inn behind us and the boys safely off with grandparents it was onwards & upwards for us.

Guide Service

Dirty Snow

We left the guide service hut and dirty snow at Paradise behind…

Mount Rainier

Mazama Ridge

…and climbed up along the western side of Alta Vista through Paradise Park

Fay & Aiddy

Trail this way (big drop that way)

The trail led up through the snow – a different route from Camp Muir last July – and was helpfully signed to avoid embarrassing falls down step slopes.

View from Panorama Point

The view from Panorama Point was amazing, with Alta Vista, Mazama Ridge and then Mounts Adams, St Helens and (just visible) Hood on the horizon.

Mount Adams

Mount Adams (from last years’ escapade )

Mount St Helens

Mount St Helens (not as much as there once was)

Rainier Wildlife

We even had some company for lunch

Fay plunge stepping down

The way down was fun: steep and slippery. Fay tried plunge stepping before giving in to the charms of glissading (at which she was too fast for me to get a pic).

Fay - halfway to Panorama Point

Wide brimmed hat = no/little sun burn

Blue Reflecting Aiddy

Kuhl cap & no hair = red ring of embarrassment next day in the office

Are you sure we're not lost?

Some more pics on the way down and then a well deserved drink back at the Paradise Inn.

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Mountain Men

Mountain Men

The boys, catching some rays out on the deck


Pyramid Peak, Mount Rainier National Park

6,937 feet

(Bed)Room with a View

Morning View

The morning view from room 317 at the Paradise Inn on Mount Rainier.
Better than the hotel in London ; but waking up to this view in Padstow is still my favourite.

Room 317

Small & simple, and all the better for that.

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Elements Element

Element in its Element

Honda Element in its element.
A weekend trip to Mount Rainier.

Christine Falls Hike

Line leader with Granddad

A gentle hike through the woods along the trail blazed by the Mighty Finnster…

Fay & Jessica

…to a bridge…


…over the gushing Van Trump Creek.

Christine Falls

Just below, the creek drops over Christine Falls and then beneath the road that winds up the mountain from Longmire to Paradise.

Our Favourite Creek

Family on the Creek

Kautz Creek . A great place if you wonder off the beaten track a little, which isn’t difficult.

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Unidentified Flying Object

Rainier Flying Saucer

With Grandparents in town Fay & I had a Sunday to hike up to Panorama Point on the southern flank of Mt Rainier. Snow all the way up to 6,300 ft with some amazing views, including this one of a large lenticular cloud floating east of the summit.
Getting down was fun & fast J