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Sad Day

The boys

Sad Day. D & F flew back to the UK, my attempt to prevent this by giving the cab driver the wrong directions having failed. Such is life.

The boys

I also failed (miserably) to get them to sit still and pose for a decent farewell piccy.
But I think they were teaching me a lesson in enjoying the moment. They certainly were.

Extended Family

All Sorts

Allsorts has come to stay, and a very welcome addition to the family s/he is too.
However, I’m just a bit flummoxed over whether s/he is a hamster or a guinea pig .
(I’m sure Miss H will put me straight upon her return.)

Seen at work

genius street



I baked some bread.
It was so bad that I thought of selling it as house bricks…


…by the next morning, Fay had made an example of it.
No, I don’t understand the significance of flags, Matryoshka-style salt and pepper, and roses either.

Hyatt Conserves

Hyatt Conserves

Even better than this was the fact that the room was dark and the TV off when I arrived.

Could they do better? Well, turning off the aircon and the empty fridge, and providing mugs (instead of disposable cups) for the __single-use__ coffee maker would be nice. But they are also trying hard to conserve water by not cleaning the windows.

Male Tornado

Male Tornado

The ladies had one too. A tornado shelter that is.

Saul Bass was Right

Stupid Tap

I was at a talk once (Royal Albert Hall since you ask) when Saul Bass was bemoaning our inability to design even everyday things sensibly. Case in point: this tap [faucet] has water saving sensors to turn it on automatically (although whether it saves enough water to pay for the energy used is another question). Unfortunately, to trigger the sensor, your hands have to be above the rim of the basin, causing water to splash all over the place, and, if you’re not careful, down the front of your MKs .

Lost in Lexington

Where are we going?

Getting around couldn’t be easier, just find a PC and projector and fire up google maps.

More pillows

Not more pillows?

Do the staff at the Lexington Hyatt have a sense of humor?
Did they see yesterday’s pile of pillows and think “we can top that”?
Or did Aiddy just pile up two-beds worth of pillows onto one?

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Crazy Pillows

Hyatt Pillows

Fay would like this place. Loads of pillows. Loads and loads of them.

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Wally’s at Wallace

F with bins


The boys took another crack at the Wallace Falls Hike


Falling can be deadly

We found the overlook (seriously kids, falling != good) and the picnic shelter…

Wallace River Falls

…which was quite good because Dad had foolishly dismissed the 4’’ of snow forecast with a ‘it doesn’t look that bad to me lads’.

we're happy, honest

wallace falls trail head

But we really did have fun

More graffiti


Apparently, the ‘W’ is for Wallace, not William, least that’s what I’m told. But it wasn’t clear if this was more graffiti or something more profound.

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Night Hike


We repeated last year’s excursion to the top of Mount Si [4,167 ft (1,270 m)], only this time with less light and less snow. I say less light cause it was night and therefore dark, except for the fantastic views of the Snoqualmie Valley and Bellevue in the distance.

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Fishing

This is the Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King that plucked Tom Hanks and Apollo 13 out of the middle of the Pacific . Or at least I think that’s what the guide said…


A1 Skyraider

Beware of Jet Blast Props and Rotors


Life in a bubble


USS Midway ( CV-41 ), 45 years as an aircraft carrier of the United States navy projecting US military power around the globe. Now a floating museum in San Diego harbour, and a kids Sunday afternoon delight.