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Last game

Final game team talk

Last game of the season.
F was psyched to score 10 goals, he did, although 9 were in pre-game training.

What to do on a wet day?

Rainy-day exercise

Do something wetter.


h with dad's feet

H was insistent. Haircut please, Mohawk style.
Dad did his best with the clippers.

Fay’s up next…

Saucers on fire

Goal #4


Another entertaining game with a few goals and some great action on the pitch.

Missing the goal

Mum & Ewok missed some of the action.


But F managed to see just about everything


Good game coach :-)

Paradise Dog Walking

Ewok ready to go

Mum went shopping (not a frequent thing) so the boys went walking.

Heading down the mainline trail

This time taking the Cedar Run trail – a one-way adventure into the unknown depths of Paradise Valley.

Mainline trail

Following the trail

Parts of the trail have been recently replaced, with sections of raised walkway

Bike balancing log

as well as specialized balancing logs for bikes.
Can’t wait to ride it

New trail sign

Bedtime Story

Story Time

Mum reading F a bedtime story last night.

Ewok Update

Can I come in now please

My dog ate my homework

Ewok Graduated

This week in the Ewok house, Ewok has…

1. Been left out in the rain
2. Eaten H’s homework assignment
3. Graduated from puppy kindergarten ( puppachino )

Clever boy.



Fay’s new dog walking boots.

Ladybugs with altitude


Jeff found these little chaps hiding under a rock at the top of Garland Peak.

Where’d the path go?


Proper Walk

Snack time view

U.S. Geological Survey - 7525ft

My feet ached after this one.

Garland Peak

Morning drive

Up early on a dark and misty morning to cross the mountains to the east side.


It was a tad chilly – 19 degrees in old money (or -7 Celsius if you prefer).

Smoke to the distant south

Where's the trail?

The hike up was tough (to quote one guide “The first half of this trip is a brutally steep, brushy at times, curse-inducing slog”) although Chris and Jeff appeared to dance up.


Taking in the view

Autumn Coloured Trees

Glacier Peak with trees an pumice

But the views of peaks, including Glacier, Rainier and a hint of Baker, the autumn colours, and the pumice field that exploded out of Glacier 10,000 years ago left me speechless (or maybe that was just the lack of all round fitness)

Taking a photo of the brew

Tea at the top

Summit Photo: Chris, Aiddy, Jeff

A couple of warming brews at the top (7525 feet) before the obligatory summit photo…

That's me!

…and the longest shadow of me I think I’ve ever seen.

Thanks guys. Awesome trip.

[ More on flickr ]

Evening Walk

Country Lane

An evening stroll with Ewok was nicely interrupted by Tommy and Henry who wanted to play. Their mum & dad kindly invited us older kids in for a glass of something, lovely.

Lighting the way home

Good job F had a head torch to light the way back home.

More Footie


Team chat

Through on goal

A close game this weekend. Fun was had all round.


The spectators enjoyed it too!

St Helens

St Helens Moonscape

Mount St. Helens erupted almost 30 years ago, with a 2.9km 3 debris avalanche, a large portion of which ended up filling the North Fork Toutle River.

Tree with St Helens moonscape

Given that everything else was buried under several feet of ice, snow, rock and ash, I’m not sure how this tree ended up on the ridge by the Johnston Ridge Observatory , but it made for a pretty pic.


Unfortunately, the summit and post-eruption lava dome were hidden in some cloud, through which some sunlight occasionally peaked.
At least this time there was some sun.

Visitor Center

But a great family day out all the same. Thanks Fay for organizing & Steve for the tip.

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A whole day of proper walks

proper car park walk

Silver Lake

bridge runner

On the trail with ewok

Glove time

The first stop on the road to Mount St. Helens, Silver Lake .

Dog's Okay This Way

Dogs are okay here.

Ewok needs a bigger crate

Which pleased Ewok (he’s considering moving to a larger crate, although he’s waiting to be sure that the market has bottomed out to ensure that any purchase would be a good investment).

Silver Lake

Nice walk and pretty views of the marsh land too.

Home for the night


Manor Inn Motel, Longview.

Night Photography

I-5 heading south

Heading down I-5 the boys had fun with night-time snapping from the back seat.
This one was my favorite – not sure which of them grabbed it.

Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour

The trees are turning and fall color is on the march. Feels very much like Autumn Colour, only different.

Bad ref day

Com'on ref

It’s U6 but you still feel the pressure


soccer 1

soccer 2

soccer 3

soccer 4

Finn does soccer too.
Finn’s Big Brov was quoted as saying “He gets more excited over one goal than my team does over the whole season.”
There’s something in that. Happy is as happy does.

[Mum adds: nice pics but where’s the ball?]

Afternoon Stroll

Mum & pup

A post-school post-work de-stress stroll in the woods.

bobcat in the woods

Mr. Cool

Posing rock

All the cool dudes were there.

a run in the woods

And the boys got some x-country running practice in at the same time.


Lubly Ice Cream

making ice cream

Harriet did a stellar job yet again, this time making amazing ice cream to top off the brownies. Yum yum & thanks much!

Sunday Afternoon Ride

ride team pic

Not content with riding the ~10 miles to our house, James insisted that he drag us all off into the dank dark woods for some more two-wheeled exercise.

Actually, we had a metric tonne of fun, with H’s trail reading especially entertaining. Instead of Robert’s “tight right downhill, large rock stay left” we had “yikes”, “yeeks” followed by a “whooooaaaaa”. He jumped right back on again though, made his Dad proud (they’ll be a slight delay while I go and tell him that).


Having some hi-tech gadgets in hand for the ride meant that this time we didn’t get lost (and the jolly interweb knew where we were even if we didn’t).

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Ewok Paw

Footie Time





The saucers are back for the new season. Some great fun games already and some new moves too.

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Woodland Seating


Chair plant stand

Plastic chair

Some seating from a little walk in the woods garden, a more frequent delight now that Ewok provides an incentive to get out and about.

Harvey Painting

Harvey Painting