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Rocket Launch


Take one empty soda bottle, decorate with fins (not Finn’s) and favourite footie team adornments, and weight with a tennis ball…


Place on compressed water+air thingy, engage safety goggles, and retire to a safe distance before signaling eldest son to launch!

Watch soda-rocket woosh several hundred feet into the evening sunlight to the ooohs and ahhhhs of the other cub parents. If I’d known cubs was going to be this much fun I’d have joined up too.

Ewok’s Favourite Spot


The long grass.

Night of the Ewok walk

Night time Ewok walking

In PJs too.

Late summer sunset

Late summer sunset

From the bottom of the garden.

Balloon Season


Not one.

Evening ride

Not two.

Balloon Peeking

But three balloons
(or maybe the same balloon on three successive days?)

News Copter

And a news channel helicopter reporting on…
…a garage fire.
If only every day were a slow news day.

A dog’s life

It's a dogs life

Eat. Run. Play. Sleep.

Spider Time

Dinner Time

Caught in a web

It’s the spider time of year. Lots of webs and lots of early morning dew to make them shine. Soon they’ll be looking for somewhere warm for the winter…

Garden Apples

Two apples

After the plums come the apples. Garden Apples. You know, that special kind of apple that you find in the garden. Apple and blackberry crumble me finks.

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First Bath

Ewok: First bath

Today, Ewok had his first bath.
He was very good, but then he needed to be. $16. For dog shampoo? You gotta be kiddin.

Ewok: getting messy (after his first bath)

He cleans up nice though.
Even if he did try and get messy in the garden straight after.

[Note for Les: ears double dry checked and hairdryered? Check]

Split Sigg

Cracked Sigg

Poor little SIGG
Split down the side, leaky and sad.

From the Sigg FAQ
NO. NO. and NO. Just like the water pipes in your home should not be allowed to freeze, freezing a SIGG with liquid inside of it will cause the liquid to expand and burst the bottle open, causing it to crack. We cannot replace bottles that are cracked or burst open. You can add ice, use ice packs, or you can even place your SIGG in a tub of ice to chill the beverage inside it. DO NOT leave it in a car overnight in sub-zero temperatures. Protect it from freezing solid if you are camping in sub-zero temperatures. Do not put it in any appliance if said appliance may cause liquids to freeze. If your bottle was empty, or partially full and did not burst or crack open, then you are lucky, and the bottle is still safe to use.

Bike Ride

Bike Ride

Following our earlier adventure biking in the Paradise Valley

Me: Sorry H, I forgot my watch, wallet, camera, and phone
H: you forgot your thinking brain too!

We thought it would be fun to give it another go with a leisurely sprint along the mainline trail and back.

Bike Ride

Surprisingly, we bumped into Fay, Finn & Ewok along the way (I think they didn’t trust us not to get lost again) and persuaded them to take a picture (good) and the camera (not so good) with them.

Bike Ride

But we did win the race back home!

Paradise Walk


Paradise Valley Conservation area is about a mile or so north of us and recently opened up with a revamped trail system.

The previous week Harvey & I had found the trail head on a small ride – starting out as a 20min ankle warm up and ending up as a 2+ hour 7 mile circuit. So this time we went with the rest of the family on foot.

ewok hug

Ewok walked (unusually), except when he didn’t.


Finn wanted to demonstrate that Ewok wasn’t the only boy in the family to have grown recently…

walking crew

…in between playing tunes on the sigg .

Bent Bike Frame

We found evidence of others having fun!

Walk in the woods

And, of course, this was a proper walk

Wet Ewok

wet ewok

Dog of the long (wet) grass. Great early morning. Soaking.

White boarding


Into the office for lunch (pizza) and then a spot of decoration on the white boards.

The Artist in Residence

The artist

“I’m going to be a creationist, you know, someone who creates things.”

Too much ink

too much ink

Sorting out the recycling I stumbled on the box of used inkjet cartridges.
Far too many mefinks.
Sorry Epson , I’ll not be using as much in the future.

Plum Jam

Plum Jam

The tree is full of ‘em. Plums that is, not jars.
So Fay’s been busy turning them into various delights, including this test batch of jam. Meanwhile, Finn is trying hard to eat them all.

First day at school

First day at school together

The boys ready for a new school year. Now they both get the bus together, much to H’s delight :-). F even gets a big yellow bus pass.

Mad Housewife

F’s left home, preferring school, or so his Mum claims.
The tears did settle down a bit, but not until we were about halfway through.
The bottle that is.
And there I was thinking Ewok would do the trick!

Competition time: which family member is featured on the label?
Hint: it ain’t Rach.

Three Boys

Three boys