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wii i

wii ii


Fantastic boxing day fun in wii-land. Boxing, bowling, tennis & no black eyes. Super!

Boxing Day Walk

Boxing Day Walk

Boxing Day Walk

F & F were under the weather and H headed over to the cousins with Uncle Paul so Ewok & I had a little stroll along the river into town.

I d believe it’s starting to warm up a little.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Before it went in the oven.
Beautiful. And sooo tasty I forgot to take a post-roast pic…

Very local too – thanks to Tony and Marie-Ann. Christmas turkey with crackling. Yum.

Christmas Eve Ewok Walk

Christmas Eve Walk With Ewok

A week later and the snow is still with us

Christmas Eve Walk With Ewok

and Ewok’s fur is still perfect for the weather.

The ghost ship

Ghostly river

Stuff on a ship rounding Colehouse Point from the Lower Hope heading towards Gravesend Reach on the River Thames.


Allie bear

Ariel with Granddad

runway team


F with Granddad

Thanks Ross

Passenger Harvey

Passenger Finn

Ross, huge star, let granddad take the boys for a spin in the Lotus.
Finn could almost see out of the window :-)

Huge smiles.
Thanks Ross – next time the boys have asked if you’ll drive them!

Winter Dawn

Winter dawn

Not a bad view on a cold (-10-ish) morning. Worth getting out of bed for.

Can you see the fox?

A snowy expedition


What to do on our first full snow day back in the UK? Maybe a mini-expedition along the footpaths to the fabled Castle Meadows?

Sledgers at Castle Meadows

While the back garden had been great for sledging (even benefiting from some flood-lit final runs) we decided to sample the delights of the multiple runs at ‘the castle’, complete with ramps and jumps.

Castle Meadows with St Peters Church Spire

With the picturesque St. Peter’s Spire as a backdrop, S & H & Pablo joined us for the fun.

The walk home

As dusk fell we warmed up with some hot chocolate and dry gloves before setting of around the fields to home.

Finn loves snow

Sledge Fun


Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Never a bad day to ride

the lane

With terrain like this (our lane) I just had to get out on the bike – turned out to be the fastest thing in town – just so long as your comfortable in not going the way that the front wheel is pointing!

never a bad day to ride

Here’s the “proof shot” although on reflection it does look rather as if I’d just fallen off. Not quite the impression I’d been hoping to make…


Arsenal in a snow storm

H branded the car!

Snow is here

H prepared for sledding

F prepared for sledding

H & F made the most by turning the garden into a sledge park.

Decorated house

Reflected in a decoration


Arshavin waits

Waiting for Snow

For the snow…

Snow Bear


A light dusting

Ewok and white

got a little heavier

snow bear

and became a four inch pack of snow with clogged paws and everything.

Good times though. We like snow (and have the fur for it).


Pancake Finn

F is seven! Birthday treat was pancakes with Canadian maple Syrup for breakfast
(using Unke Graeme’s pancake recipe).

Indoor football

Then a spot of FIFA (ManU v Arsenal) while waiting for the snow to get deep enough to sledge (sled) on.

Finn's Cake

Followed by cake for tea!

Happy Birthday!

Tree Preparation

Unwrapping the tree

H unwrapping the tree.
Appropriately, this year the tree came from Christmas Common.


Finn's Creation

F, creating creations again. Proper job.

Frosty Sunrise

Frosty Sunrise

Fay spotted this out of the window this morning, the sun coming up under a band of cloud.



The night view from the white hut.

Rame Head

Rame Head

We walked to Rame Head (from the car park of course, well, it was a big lunch and we nearly walked all the way there the day before, the day of the squall , so does it count? please?)

St Michael's of Rame Head

St. Michael’s on the headland dates back to “a long time ago”.

Aiddy at Rame Head

Fay with Rame head with Rame Head

A lovely spot – we found a real picture by a real artist to remember it by. Russell Pond, if you’re reading, thank  you.

(Yes, Fay is a real artist too, I meant compared to my pix not her’s, I’ll stop now, I feel the hole I’m digging is getting a tad too deep…)

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Jet Ski Non-Surfers

Jet Ski Surfers

Really? Really? No, really.

The sea

The sea

The Sea from The Cliff.
Somewhere out there is France.
I know, I’ve been.

Run for it

Incoming Squall

Not what you want to see while out walking the cliff – an incoming squall approximately 5 minutes out. Fortunately we made the white hut just as the first rain drops started to hit and were able to watch events from the comfort of the couch with a nice hot cuppa.

The White Hut

The White Hut

The White Hut: an awe inspiring and peaceful place to spend a couple of days away to celebrate our anniversary.

Big thanks to Sharon & Alan for the recommendation; Les, Jessica, Hazel & Paul for looking after the three boys; and Clive & Jane for such a fantastic place.



thirteen fantastic years ago today


Snow everywhere but here

Winter morning view of the Ridgeway

SOMG across the UK except where we are. Just hard frost and, the day after I took this, a sprinkling of the white dust.

The Needles

The needles

Sun corner

Martin recommended the Needles and an amazing recommendation it was too. Old battery, new battery and the rocket engine test site. With views of the ‘ needles, cliffs, caves and everything ’!

The gang with needles

Fay & Finn

The boys were fantastic with the hike down to the headland in the freezing weather. Special mention to little-F who managed to dig deep despite being several shades under the weather.

Martin, photog

Lovely spot for some piccy snapping…

you are here

…and waving across the Solent to Nana and Granddad
(who didn’t wave back despite us being clearly visible).

The needles

Old Battery was sign-posted as closed at the start of the walk down, but don’t be put off, there’s great views and the National Trust redeemed itself with an open tea room!

A lovely end to a FAB thanksgiving weekend. Big thanks to KMDFM.

Freshwater Lifeboat

toss a coin for the lifeboat

Indoor life

F DS #2

F DS #1

F & F on multiplayer DS (mario kart)

Window Sill

while dad takes a photo of a window.

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay, IOW

Down the road from the “holiday house” was lovely Horseshoe Bay. A little chilly with the breeze blowing and the snow falling.


Some nice wave action too. But not enough swell to surf the kayak.

No cycling

no cycling

Locked up

Locked up

The boys in the porch of Boniface church.
There’s two church’s in Boniface. This was the old St Boniface church, built around the 11th century.



Ewok’s friend



Granny with growing little F. Cute.

Roundball Hill


A strange collection of characters made the trek up to the summit of Roundball Hill on Sunday afternoon…



Boj and Brov

Boj & Brov

Hikers bon the summit

H & A

Fay by A

Fay (photo by A)

air guitar

and F.

hide and seek

Hide and seek was played enthusiastically on the way up,

honiton view

and the view from the blustery top was pretty darn good.

trekking home

Sunday roast was calling so we high-tailed it back down the lane.

Best play ground / area. Ever.

climbing wam

The wigwam-styled climbing thing

F swinging

A swinging

Ariel stunts in the swinging circle of net.

F & H balancing

The balancing beams.

Which the kids, including A, conquered easily (some running!) while some of us adults were, shall we say, a tad hesitent? Thanks H&F for the encouragement.

handmade by

Not sure who to thank exactly. So Honiton , East Devon , and notsurewhoyouare, thankyou.

A hat and a boat

Hat and Pebbles

This is the hat.


And, this is the boat.

There were pebbles and a cliff too.
We counted the cliff, but not all the pebbles.

Contenders Ready

Beach Climbing

Beach Rolling

H & F using the pebble bank as a mini gladiators course. I’m not sure who won.

Some Beer Beach People





F and a bucket of crab

Ewok on the beach

Surprised F


Weekend Visitor


Granny came to share the weekend. Pictures were taken.

First Wallingford Geo-cache

Following a bearing

Armed only with a programmable internet-linked GPS receiver we set off across the wasteland in search of Thames Path – Benson Lock .

Running repairs

After a slight hiccup caused by a near miss with trench foot…

Log book

The cache was successfully discovered and the logbook duly signed.

A bit of DIY


The great think about renting is you don’t spend any time doing jobs like this.

Thames Walk


A lovely walk along the Thames past Benson Marina to…



…Shillingford Bridge…

Thames Path

…for a surprise cup of tea and some jam supplies from Phil.

Just one chocolate button

Just one chocolate button then

H Packing


H has been away with school all week, doing outdoorsy stuff in Wales. His kit bag was bigger than him!

Autumn Flame

Autumn Fire

The path along the side of the Copse burst into red and yellow flame and the leaves turned. Or at least that’s what the family tell me, looks a murky damp orange to me.

Face in the sky

God looking down

One of our local red-tailed kites soaring above the bottom meadow.

Can you find the face?

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The copse

The copse from the river path with mid-Autumn coloured trees.

Getting around

Martin, Katie, & Megan


A F.A.B weekend with Megan & family.

Relaxing chaos ensued.

It’s a dogs life Megan

Megan Sleeps

Bat Pumpkin & Friends

Bat Pumpkin

Our bat pumpkin had some friends to visit



Snape and Harry

and then Snape and Potter!


Spellbinding stuff.

I can’t remember…

something interesting

…what was so interesting that:

a) everyone stopped to look at it
b) I took a picture

But it looks riveting.

Jessica’s Birthday

Waelend Girls


Monster Mash

Monster mash completed

Pumpkin picking and monster mash mazing at millets farm centre .

Work Life


Work life doesn’t get much of a look in on c r o s s o a k.

So much so that I just noticed that this quick search returns only posts that have the name of the company-thalt-shalt-not-be-named in links.


Last week Windows Phone 7 was launched in Europe (north American cousins, it’s coming soon) which was a year after Windows 7 was released. I made an insignificantly tiny tiny contribution to both products, and consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked with such an amazing group of diverse people in the process. It’s quite a sobering experience to realise how many people use and rely on those products (not to mention the number of opinions they have) and the huge responsibility that goes with that.

Normal programming will resume shortly.

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Getting there.
At least it’s far superior to the previous attempt at brown bread.



…and the carving (carefully, sharp knives and other sharp things) begins


Dad pauses for some admiration (respectfully, from a distance)


And the first carved pumpkin is completed…

On Show

…followed shortly by some friends.



Good bye day.

Pre-breakfast walk


Skipping to the cafe

Waking of the Ent

Sunday breakie at the café?
A stunning plan, just need to run the gauntlet of a freezing landscape to get down to the river.

Sixteen Feet

The across the lock where the depth gauge was showing well below 16 feet.

Reflection in the Thames at Benson

Before crossing the weir and turning left down the lane to a large fry-up.

Autumn is here

Autumn Colour

Bike Ride Views



Nearly Cholsey and back, via cake and hot chocolate at The Bloc.

(That’s the bloc in Wallingford, not the one in berko, although they are somewhat related even if the one in Berko is no longer the bloc.)

Clean Windows


Now I’ve cleaned the frustrating back windows I can take pictures of this: that’s the Thames valley with Ewelme Downs beyond.

Frustrating because which ever way you open them they obscure the view. Another thing on the todo list.

Ewok’s Sofa

Ewok's Sofa

Also known as Ewok’s Couch.

Seven weeks & one day…

Helpfull BT

…to install a phone line.

Thank you BT Group PLC . If only I could make time run backwards like your SMS alerts.


homework: banana cake

F’s homework was to bake banana cake.

Reading, writing, math's & some science all in one.


Garden footie

Garden footie

The view is little compensation for the radically sloping pitch, but you do see some funny moves as a result including some amazing curved passes around defenders.

Another deer in the garden

deer in the garden

I managed to get close to this one.

Lego Builders

lego builders

So funny

laughing H

I wish I could remember the joke. It was a good one.

Rain gardening

bedraggeled eowk

When Fay goes gardening in the rain Ewok gets wet.
Don’t let the face fool you; he loves it.

Landing with a view

Window view

East across the valley.


Three Deer

Three deer have moved into the field next-door-but-one.
Most quiet days they can be seen chilling out in the middle with fantastic 360 o views.
”All the better for seeing you creep up on me” they said.

Thunder Rain

thunder storm

A little thunder-squall heading across the field to the house (about 15mins later it got *very* wet). The tree line to the center of the picture is about 1 km away.
That’s one big field.





From left: Rach (ewok, who’s not a sister) Haze & Fay.

In the distance the café at Beson – aka the Waterfront bar & Bistro – our destination as is frequently the case.

Early morning ride

Twin Trees

The boys woke up early – so an excellent excuse to get up and out for a (very) early morning ride to the clumps and back. Starting at a misty two-trees in the field next to the lane.

Lonely Tree

Lonely tree on, I think, Brightwell Barrow, was mist free.

Thames valley

Amazing views from the clumps – of mist filled river valleys.

Morning arrivals into LHR

And morning arrivals into London-Heathrow.

Shillingford Bridge

By the time I got back to Shillingford Bridge the rest of the world was beginning to wake up.

Super day to be out and about.



Around the garden

Lego tree

Stuff is slowly taking shape. The Lego tree has arrived.

Pear in place

The pear is perfectly placed (with hopefully some spring bulbs to surround it in the new year).

Basketball hoop

And we even found a spot for the hoop of basketball.

Wedding of the Year


Simon & Helen. Tipi-tastic.



last of the blackberries

meadow walk

Road home

The school took H to Wittenham Clumps for “an amazing day outdoors building dens in the woods and everything” – so H took us to the Clumps. Lovely spot. On a pleasant day you can see for miles in all directions.

The field at the bottom of the garden

The field at the bottom of the garden

Actually it’s a meadow. And it’s not at the bottom of the garden. Apart from that the title was fairly accurate.

Holding up the sky

Holding up the sky

It had been a long day and the sky was very thankful.

School Run

Riding School Bus

Except we ride, not run.

Evening Light

Evening Light

End of a day from the front garden. Glowing.

Face time


Riding the lane

F riding

H & Ewok

An evening blast down the lane to the gate.

Getting some air off the speed humps too. Perfect.

Berries and Seeds

berries and seeds

F proudly clutching a collection of berries and seeds from the lane ready for the school project.

Anyone else think F was the inspiration for Seedos ?

Need a washing line

washing line

A breath of fresh air: somewhere where the neighbours don’t think that you’re mad for hanging shaped fabric on a rope.
At least I think they don’t.

I may have to ask.

Benson Views

RAF Benson


From the garden you can look out over the Thames to Benson, the village and the airfield .

On Sundays the bells from St. Helens sing out across the valley.

Path to the shops


Old iron fence on the edge of the field on the way into town.

F chilling

F vegging

Making the most of the space before all the furniture arrived.

Becoming Home

House with transport

Bikes: the way to get around the new world.

Arrived in one piece

a van full of stuff

“I want all the pot plants”

After an herculean effort by Messers Les and Adron all the pot plants, plus other miscellaneous stuff, arrived at new house.

Now to unpack…

Clean house

Clean house

Cross Oak was left spick and span thanks to Jessica!

Good Bye Cross Oak

fairwell window

The second last morning at cross oak road.

Farewell house. You’ve been a fantastic home.

A reminder of the first last morning .

Bunkfest Climbers

climber h

climber s

climber h

climber f

P.E. Kit

PE Kit

It’s not just a school uniform at the new school’s, they have P.E. kit too.

I say Grayson, don’t we look smart, yes we do Mr. Cholmondley-Warner.

For those not familiar with the UK education system and P.E. see this ministry of information film .

Clearing the Cross Oak Garden

F frog finding

H pot cleaning

Big job to leave cross oak ship-shape and to make sure all the pots were clean and ready to travel.

Found Dog

found dog

Maisey the spanish water dog, was lost, then found by the boys on canal fields, now reunited with home

New sounds

new sounds

Radio 4 delight.

House yes, home maybe


Jump, Jump Around

H Jump

F Jump

M Jump

D Jump

Seaside walk

Feet = proper walk

Feet = proper walk

[ more ]

Family walk | bike | hike


Practicing some 2-wheeled moves on the way to the beach.

She Sells Sea Shelters on the Sea Shore


Cool Dude H

Cool Dude


Crabbing at Mudeford

A summers evening spent watching the warmth go down while crabbing on the river side at Mudeford with Unke Hilton.

(That’s pronounced Muddy Ford rather than Mude Ford which is why it’s spelt Mudeford.)

Inspecting the catch

The little ones weren’t biting but the family next to us made a generous donation which passers by were somewhat impressed by.

F even gave demonstrations!

Go Mackerel Fishing On Rosie

Wrapped up the day with chips from the cafe.



Who says small cars in the states don’t work?


Redmond Hotel Bed

Surreal is going back to the country you used to live in and staying in a hotel instead of a home.
Try it some time, head down to your local travel lodge for a couple of nights. Weird.

Cloudy Welsh Sky

Welsh Cloud

May you always be able to see the clouds in your sky.

Trust the National Trust

trust the national trust

Welsh Hike

view from sugar loaf

dry stone wall


A super duper camp-and-hike in the Welsh Hills with Martin, Martin, David & Elsie.

welsh ponies

And some ponies.

trig point

We totalled 28k horizontal and 1.06k vertical. Pausing at the trig point on Sugar Loaf…

sugar loaf mountain

…to watch an incoming squall soak the tourists.

brew time

Tea half way round was only surpassed…

storm kettle

…by amazing storm kettle powered tea back at camp.
Followed by some beer.

Great w’end. Thanks Guys.



Griff does mountains. First Episode: Wales!

Wedding of the year

Sarah and Noel

A fantastic day celebrating with Sarah and Noel, first at St Mary’s Parish Church, Hampton

St Marys University College

and at St Mary’s University College afterwards.

Getting into trouble

…where the garden art was extremely realistic.

Swallowed by the ferns

swallowed by the ferns

F strides deep into the ferns exploring

Not sure which way to go

which path

So just follow the sign. Which sign?

tree jump balance

F jumping

H balancing - almost

Parked right outside the front door

Union Jack Mini

Someone trying to tell me something….
…or a welcome home from the neighbourhood.

[Notice how that >>u<< crept back in there?]



The path to the Kinecroft.

Thames Barge

thames barge

On the River Thames along which I’ve been known to wonder in the general direction of the office.

Mum and Fay

mum and fay

In mum’s beautiful garden.

The Wii Generation

The Wii Generation



My walk to work

walk to work

I don’t (yet!) walk all the way to work, but sometimes I skip the shuttle and take the Thames Path instead.

This is the bridge that provides a crossing for the Kennet & Avon Canal.

Oh, and Bing UK does OS mapping. Sweet !

Away in Devon with the Cousins



Beautiful A & F (with help from Granny) hosted our away weekend in Devon

Rope Swing

with excursions to River Dart Country Park
(where it was Max H, but not the Max H, that we spied)

Budleigh Salterton

and Budleigh Salterton .

finn stone throwing technique

harvey stone throwing technique

The boys mastered their stone throwing techniques…

Furry Friend

…and Ewok got into all sorts of places that he probably shouldn’t have been.

Dear Waitrose

cork screw and bottle opener

To whom it may concern, why is it that your seventeen year old checkout staff can join the Royal Marines Commandos , but is unable to sell me a bottle opener and corkscrew because it’s on the ‘restricted list’.

New hat

h reflecting

keenan cap

The air freight arrived (woot!) and with it H’s awaited USCG cap; courtesy of star Keenan. Perfect for keeping in the shade.

US Coast Guard Cutter Active .

Bigger Ewok

mr ewok

No, he’s not growing, it’s just the yard is smaller here.

Garden Improving

garden improving

The garden at cross oak after it’s TLC fast track plan.

Canal Walk

too bright dad

A Sunny Saturday walk along the Grand Union Canal

tow path walk

Rooney and Rooney came with us.

bottom lock

Some of the terminology gets some getting used to. I guess this would have been called Butt Side Lock. Whatever, it was half empty…

lock gate garden

…possibly because the bottom gate of bottom side lock was leaking a fair bit.

checking the overflow

H inspected the overflow – maybe a future aqua-engineer in the making?

out next boat?

While F inspected some of the nicer boats to live in on the canal.

pure genius

Our destination? The Three Horse Shoes pub, a delightful spot for a pint and some nosh.


Paul Playing

Dr. Paul driving sounds out of a Tenori-on .

Berko Walk


Here be Berkhamsted , snug in the valley.

The English Countryside

And here be the view the other way, across the fields.


You know that you’re on the right path here because of the fence.

H route finding

Although H was checking via the GPS-sync’d map on the new fangled Windows Phone 7 prototype all the same. At work we call this kind of exercise ‘dog fooding’.

Whatever was wrong with a compass and a good OS map?


My shoes caught a flower

vff with a flower


north face hat

Sunny day. Hat day.

Northchurch Common

family excursion

An early-ish morning walk at Northchurch Common

old road

old trees

Starting in the woods along this wonderful woodland road

clouds over northchurch common

northchurch common

before opening out onto open common land.


H found sticks. Big sticks.

tree climbing

F found trees. Big trees.

fay finds bees

And Fay found things hanging from branches, buzzy things, bee buzzy things.

Lovely Cross Oak

cross oak

Awesome to be back in berko. It’s a bit smaller than the last place but you wouldn’t know it.

gareden in progress

We’re also making progress on the garden thanks to loads of help from Chris, Kim, Jessica & Les.

berkhamsted sky

The skyscapes from the back bedroom are pretty amazing too.

Nap Spot

nap spot

F decided that Ewok’s new home was the perfect spot for an afternoon nap.

Publishing Crossoak

wifi (almnost) anywhere

Everything is hard here (or at least harder than we’ve been used to).
Cancelling services in the US was far easier than signing up here. Anyone would think I was asking them to give me money.

One exception has been this nifty do-da. Since we’re not going to be settled for a while signing up for a broadband lock-in didn’t seem like a good idea, instead 3 has this little mifi thing that pumps secure wifi around the house (or car, or coffee shop, or wherever) and runs it over the cellphone data network 3G or 3.5G (aka HSPA ).
Monthly and PAYG options available.


bread machine

Having moved 4,500-ish miles with only what we could carry, what was top of the essentials list? A bread machine. Obvious really.


First challenge was weighing 450g of flour (g = gram = unit of weight in these parts, equal to around about 15.873282864 ounces). To the rescue was this amazing measuring cone, courtesy of amazing Jessica.

finished loaf

Lovely stuff.


seaside jump

Health and safety Les took the boys for a short walk at Barton-on-Sea. They were gone for a long time…

danger cliff

…Fay & Jessica looked everywhere for them.

3 generations

But everyone was safe-and-sound.


Jessica's cream tea

Jessica’s amazing cream teas…

two ice creams?

…and icecream!

Please look after this Ewok

please look after this ewok

Ewok flew over as *the* advanced party, to check out the UK was still an okay place to be. Just in case of problems with customs and immigration, Ewok is an American Australian Labradoodle after all, his travel crate was suitably decorated with informative info.

[Note: this entry is appearing out of sequence,
something that never happens here on c r o s s o a k]

Ready to fly

final state-side nosh at anthony's

Our last meal on US soil – Anthony’s at Seatac.

ready to fly


Hanging out at Gate S10 before “10 hours in a metal tin can”, as H said, or “movie all night flight”, for Mr. F.

[Note: this entry is appearing out of sequence,
something that never happens here on c r o s s o a k]

Last Day

last day

Our last day in the USA. A relaxing time thanks entirely to the generous-as-always Clarke’s who let us squat in their gaff. The neighbours said it was the best party in years!

[Note: this entry is appearing out of sequence,
something that never happens here on c r o s s o a k]

Last Picture

last pic at 18926

The last picture from 18926. A great house. Hope that Tim finds someone that can enjoy it as much as we did.

[Note: this entry is appearing out of sequence,
something that never happens here on c r o s s o a k]

New Home

ewok's house

Ewok finds a cozy place to sleep.

Star Nephew


The gang reunited

the gang reunited


xoak garden

The garden at xoak. A tad overgrown and a smidgen small.

Work party?

Post-flight stretching

wave jumping at barton on sea

Finn discovering the perfect way to shake off the effects of BA world traveler.


granddad grabs a crab

The boys had a successful crabbing expedition with Granddad

setting free

But, of course, they had to be put back again.

making a run for it

This one made a bee-line for the surf.
I didn’t know that crabs knew anything about bees.

One for the Woodinville boys

mini red bull

Red Bull Mini, silver and blue, no slapbacks.



Pizza Express, our fav.
Except F who thinks Domino's is better (based  on his experience in Longview ).

That said, service wasn’t.


after the regatta

Henley on Thames – the day after the regatta finished.
Maybe next year…

Favourite Places to Eat

Indian Palace

Our favourite places to eat?

* Rays Boat House * Purple Cafe * Matt’s in the Market * Inn at Ship Bay * The Indian Palace in Woodinville where we had our last dinner with Satwant, Bir and the kids. Butter chicken, rogan josh, rice and nan.

Fantastic food, great people.

[Editors note: posts will be in hybrid spelling mode for the next few weeks^D^D^D^D months]

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Bye Bye House

bye bye house

Now looking for digs with less grass to cut.

Last Day Bye Byes




We’ve said bye to loads of great friends over the past few weeks; we’re sad to be going but it’s been great to see people and be reminded of the great times we’ve had.

I’ve also said ‘great’ quite a bit recently.

(Un)fortunately, I’ve not been too on the ball taking pics, and many that I did snap are now packed up for a multi-week cruise across the Atlantic…


home office II

The home office. It managed to go most of four years without becoming a studio . Although the boys did loose most of the playroom to paint and canvas on occasion…

more boxes

boxes, lots of boxes

Everything got packed into boxes or wrapped in stuff before loading into the BigTruck.


Even the bottle opener, necessitating the revival of student style wine opening skills.

the house, empty

With everything packed the place looked very bare.

office cleared

The office office got the same treatment too!

After the lists…


…comes the packing.

Moving Sonic

Sonic moving

Sonic moved first, he’s got a new home with Gretchen and Hamed.

Ewok Stressing Out

Ewok goes next – as you can see he’s totally stressed out by the whole process.

Water Fight!

Ready for the waterfight

Thank you Sue & Jeff! A mega fantastic BBQ, bare-foot footie and water fight extravaganza.

Awesome River Rafting

Rafting team

Jessica organized an awesome white water trip on the Wenatchee for H’s cub scout den. Seen here is the crew of raft #3, ready for action.

Leveling Up

Levelling Up

F tackling the end of level on Kung Fu Panda.

List of lists

List of lists

Old paper meets new paper with our fool-proof list of list of lists system.
There’s lots to keep track of.

King of the garden

King Ewok in the Garden

Gaming before bedtime

Gaming before bedtime

Long summer days and it is, finally, light long into the evening – last Sunday was the darkest June day for the last 15 years .

Sorting Pens

Sorting Pens

F testing and sorting pens in an Ewok-proof pen.
Nice job if you can get it.

Happy Birthday Ewok

Ewok Birthday Pic

One today, June 17th.

Happy Birthday to you
I went to the zoo
I saw a little Ewok
And I knew it was you

For sale

For sale

One pre-loved Honda Element.
B.C. to Washington to Oregon (many times) and back.
Mountains, volcanoes, beach, snow, rock and sand.
Kayaks to crampons to footballs and snacks.

If only the wheel ‘twas on the right side.

Last Day

Last day of Kindergarten

F’s last day in Kindergarten with the amazing and wonderful Mrs. Ito
(and the wonderful and amazing Mrs. George).

We’re going to miss Bear Creek.

Big Smile

The smile after the jump

A beaming smile from H after he nailed the last jump on the Cedar Run trail.
Yes, that jump on that trail . Definitely, please, don’t tell Fay.

[No, I’ve no idea what my expression was meant to convey]

Shadow bike

shadw bike

The big Lego build

The big lego build

After the sleep-over came the big Lego build. Very intense.

Before the cut

Ewok and grass

Ewok in the long grass just before I wacked it with the mower.
No more long grass.

Back in the Saddle

Sit here

Too fast on the trail and slip-slide mud around mile 8 = bloody knee and a slower ride the rest of the way home.

Bye bye swing

Gone to a good home

Gone, but to a good home.
Pass on good things.

Never ever a bad day to ride

end of a wet ride

Even if the trails are wet, slippy and muddy.


Ewok celebrating

A little celebration yesterday after Ewok and Fay passed their PPST and PPAT tests for the Delta pet partner program.


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Netbusters in action outside again after a long winter playing indoor.

A mini-tournament down at starfire sports (Steve, take a look at the facilities there!)


The fantastic team.

Big big thanks to Sue and Jeff for coaching and organizing!

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Muddy Bath

After a very muddy walk, Ewok relaxes in the bath (note the muddy water).

Ewok does pre-wash

Later, he returns the favour by giving the dishes a pre-wash.




Finn at the fort

Playing tag on the play fort at St Edwards

Game over

The boys won!
(Mum wasn’t playing)

St Edwards Fern

St Edwards Fern


Mud and the sock line

The trails were a tad muddy from all the rain we’ve been having.
Luckily, a sock kept some of me nearly clean.

Too busy talking


So didn’t really cook nearly us much as expected, so lunch the next day was egg-burgers!
A delight not sampled since leaving behind the land of B&Q burger vans.

Morning after

VFFs in the morning

Morning after the party.
A warm (albeit Photoshop enhanced) glow, unfortunately not from early morning sunlight, but instead from the rain clouds diffusing through the orange telco-branded pop-up that Dawn & Mark leant us to stay dry.

Please play

Ewok on rug

If you can resist this face then the next step…

Ewok's Squeaky Ball

… is to constantly drop the squeaky ball at your feet until you relent.

Another kind of reading

F does toy story on iPad

F reading Toy Story, on an iPad.

Poetry Corner

Reading with mum

Okay, it was a rug not a corner. Do funny, laugh-out-loud, poems count?

Cuddly Tiger Hiding

Tiger hiding from Ewok in the woods

Ewok has developed a habit of kidnapping cuddly toys. Tiger was found (rescued) this afternoon deep in the woods at the back of the house surrounded by a patch of mushroom guards.
Happily the only injuries sustained was a little dampness.
The other tigers were pleased to hear the good news.

May in the garden

May in the garden

May this year has been wet and the conifers have been putting on new growth like nobodies business.
Past May in the Gardens: 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 .


Nelly came to stay

Nelly (and family) came to stay. Ewok was sad to see her go.

9 bikes

mum from the trail

After too long away from home it was great to hit the trail with H to blow away some cobwebs.
We even brought some mud from the southern traverse back with us.

Bear Cub Scout

boy scout

H ready for his last pack meeting before moving up to Webelos

pack 552

bear badge

He’s now a bear cub scout!
[thanks to granddad for helping to fill in scouttracks…]

View from the A303

A303 view

Driving east from Honiton along the A303 and watching the day fade into night.

Felix Ford


Three days young.

Going a bit crazy in Exeter

Exeter Cathederal

Being a bit silly, and perplexing tourists, in front of Exeter Cathedral.


Teaching Amelie how to levitate on the cathedral steps.

Exeter with Amelie

Tackling Exeter Town Wall

Tackling the steps around Exeter’s town wall on the way down to the quay.

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Locl Stock & Barrel

Lock, Stock and Barrel on the canal in Newbury.

Bike Lane Warning

Bike Lane Warning

This is one of the signs on my route to work.
Makes you think.

In training

Ewok at woodinville fire

Ewok’s therapy dog training continues at Woodinville Fire Station.
Lesson 3: Stand by the engine and act nonplussed as the siren screams and hoses squirt.


cedar run

Ewok the Sounders Fan

Ewok: Sounders Fan

Rumors that the whole family are football mad have been greatly exaggerated.

Jumping West Beach

West Beach Jumping

F making up for visitors being stuck overseas by jumping around West Beach Resort .
Camping tip: site number 30

West Beach Glitter

West Beach Evening

Sun goes down and everything sparkles.

Mount Baker

Mount Baker

Mount Baker with Lummi Island & Bellingham Bay.
Not much snow this year but impressive view none-the-less.

A nice man from Edmonds helpfully informed me that this view of ‘Rainier’ was one of the top ten in the world (presumably as voted by people from Edmonds). Not sure if he meant top ten views, or top ten views of Rainier…

Orcas Family Pics

Fay & her boys

Fay and the boys on Mt Constitution with Mount Baker and the Cascades behind.

Laughing at our photographer

F grabbed this pic of mum & dad – amazing given his technique of waving the camera around whilst shooting on motor drive…

Abstract garden

A string of tealights

Tealights on the deck.


No sign of dust from Eyjafjallajökull

Eyjafjallajökull, Icelandic for “Your grandparents now aren’t coming to visit”.

Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey

Having driven all the way back from Cannon Beach, guess what kind of bread I grabbed from our local supermarket…

Signs of a good holiday

Sign of a good holiday

Sign #1: kids asleep.

Not Fort Lewis?

Sign #2: road signs become hard to compute. Is this Fort Lewis or No?


Fun on Manzanati Beach

Manzanati Sunset

South a tad along the coast from Cannon Beach is Manzanita.
Perfect place to meet up with friends for roasted marshmallows and a sunset view on the beach.


Matt Jumping

Three Haystacks

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock

Ewok on Holiday

Dog walking

Fay, Ewok & the mighty Pacific Ocean


I do believe that he’s beginning to get the hang of this vacation/holiday thing.

Oregon Beach Highway

Oregon Beach Highway

Not content with covering vast potions of the planet with different kinds of impermeable surfaces for cars to zoom around on, some parts of the planet think it a good idea to drive up and down (and up and down) the beach.
I guess when there’s this much of it you need to do something with it all.

The haystack

Haystack Rock

Up early-ish for a brisk walk-come-run with Ewok to the Haystack and back.

Back through the town to pick up coffee. Yum.

Peter Iredale

Fay meets Peter Iredale

Peter Iredale

Peter Iredale. Sunk in 1906 . Still drawing a (small) crowd.

Holiday House

Ecola Haven

The A-framed thing about middle of the picture. Ecola Haven. On the river and very much a haven. And Ewok friendly too. Recommended.

Another wet day activity

H winning at connect four

Connect Four.

Recommended for wet days anywhere.

Beach House

F exit

H exit

Ewok Exit

Suddenly, three little tikes had disappeared. Where could they be?
Not hiding in a sand house?

The beach at Cannon Beach

With the Haystack

Playing footie with the Haystack behind. Not a bad pitch .

Dune Grass


Looks great, but apparently it’s an invasive non-native European beach grass ( Ammophila Arenaria ).

Haystack & Chapman Point

Chapman Point & Cannon Beach from Ecola Point

Chapman Point with Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock from Ecola State Park.
Another Oregon Seascape .

A day on Indian Beach

Muddy Foot

H & F blazed a new (to us) way to Indian Beach , down a steep trail that ended at the southern end. The trail was not without its hazards, as Fay’s clean socks soon discovered.

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

If you have the time, the southern end is the place to be. Rocks, trees, sandy coves, streams and waterfalls. Idyllic.

Us. Indian Beach

Wind blown Ewok on Indian Beach

Clearing storm over Chapman Point

clearing storm over chapman point

With views like this who needs television?

Oregon Sunbeams


storm with sunbeams

finn and a sunbeam

Little rays of sunshine

Dead tree running

dead tree running

Find dead tree washed up on beach
Run along dead tree as fast as possible without falling off
On reaching the end, jump jump jump as far and as high as possible…

Tea time

Cup of tea on the beach

The most civilized thing in the world: tea, on the beach, from a china cup. A gran tradition.

Wet days on holiday

Finn, lego and the view to the beach

Finn has wet day entertainment down to a fine art. On this occasion it was lego building on a grand scale, with dad optimally positioned to help and admire the wonderful view. Oar-inspiring.


Fay’s option was the tranquil art of watercolor; and the view was just as good from where she was sitting.

Fun on a windy beach

ewok ball chasing

ewok ball chasing


Also known as the “who needs a hair dryer” series.

Breezy Weather

Surf breaking on cannon beach

Our little house was perfect for keeping out of the spring weather while still watching the world walk by.
The first evening & the surf was up, so much so that the sea looked white all the way to the horizon.

Beach Football

The boys playing footie on the beach

First day on Cannon Beach (spring break vacation down in Oregon) & the boys were soon practicing their moves down on the sand.

Redressing the balance

finn & ewok

Not enough F on c r o s s o a k recently.

Another sounders game

Sounders at home

and another 0-1 defeat. This time from the Red Bulls. That brings our tally to 1 to 3.


Portland 0-1
Chelsea 0-2
Earthquakes 2-1

Big thanks to Pete and Amy for the tickets!


Appealing to the ref didn't help

H is developing the art of appeal. Gesture seen above typically accompanied by
“ref-er-reeeeeee” or “come ooonnne” and then a big smile.
(Don’t forget the smile H!)

Bird House II

Bird house II

This years auction project for Bear Creek: Bird House II

Although that should be ‘One of this years…’ since there’s another one coming.

Confused unpacking

Something wrong in the bathroom

A trip to the dentist and a trip to the bike shop on the same day led to some goodies being unpacked to the wrong place. Witness the bottle of Pedro’s in the bathroom. Note: _This post was updated on 2020-10-01 19:36:29 to fix broken links_

Signed Book


The last Fablehaven is out, H got a copy and then managed to get it signed by Brandon who, thankfully, was still happily signing away by the time we got to the front of the line.

Cobweb Blast

Wrong Way

Cabin fever + cobwebs = not so good.
Solution was a blast in paradise. Southern traverse trail to mainline; cedar run fast (jumping, but don’t tell fay); then back up southern traverse but this time left on mainline and back home up death hill.


Spring trees

Up the hill from our house and the blossom is appearing. Actually, everywhere except our house seems to be blossoming. Maybe everything in our garden is waiting on visitors…



Post sleepy sleep over stroll

Moss Wood Trail

All that moss, looking soft enough for a quick snooze.

Early birthday pressie

Un-named pear

A Judy Thomas original: un-named pear. Now greeting visitors.

As sweet as a…



biscuit, or two.

Heading Practice

Heading Practice

H putting another one into the back of the net.

[Before anyone asks, he does have a half decent ball, this is the one we use when Ewok is also out on the practice field.]

Sounders 0 Portland 1

At the sounders game

Not the best game on the field, but the experience of watching in the stadium was as good as ever, complete with new “song” to learn:

“You’re only in the MLS because of us”. Repeat.

What a Find!

Luvly; miles original

Found, in the back of a cupboard where it had fallen behind some junk, one marvelous box of Miles Original Blend Fine tea bags (40!). Absolutely stonking.
Thx brov!

Boys on the weekend

Time out in the spring sunshine

H as Arshavin in the spring sunshine

F with spex

F as me, only with more hair and less stubble.

Ewok pre-fetch stance

E in the yard, as a mad hairy-bear thing.

Laying down the challenge

Squirrel Challenge

Squirrels of Cottage Lake, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat the bungee-powered corn.

Suitable Clothing

wet field

For a wet day: gloves + waterproof + shorts + England socks and trainers.

First T-Shirt

Where's my car?

This one has a story behind it too.
Printed via Cafe press on Anvilorganic 100% organic cotton; made in Nicaragua.

100 Things

100 things

F had a 100 things for counting at school.
100 stick on eye’s. Perfect.

Another morning worth getting up for

Another sunrise at the office

February, in the Pacific North West, and another day starts like this.


A morning worth getting up for

A morning worth getting out of bed for.

February, in the Pacific North West, and the day starts like this.


H in the woods

H with a woody background

Foreground: H with a smile and a hood.
Background: second growth forest and sunlight.

An Ewok gone Mad

Ewok and ferns

Observe one normal Ewok, at rest amongst the ferns.

Mad Ewok

Contrast with one crazy Ewok as he leaps through the undergrowth.

Forest Run Forest



Running in the woods today



and hiding too

(can you guess who was best?).


Obstacles to train with – I’m told agility is important for dogs and soccer players.


Plus hands to get dirty.

Canoe home

Work hard canoe home

I want to ride my bicycle

Solo with a smile

Don't stop me now

Riding in the garden. F’s riding solo (with a small hand to get going) and was coping great with the grass.
Is it just me, or is he looking a bit big for that bike?


Meanwhile H practiced some off-road skills.
I fear he might soon be pushing for some of the jumps and balancing logs over at Paradise.
(Although only because if that’s the case he’ll be expecting Dad to go first!)

Sir Ewok of Wooden Deck

Ewok on the deck

Ewok on the deck enjoying a warm sunny February afternoon.

Lost in the street view

which way?

So which 189th is it?


Stump Detail

Old tree roots at Rattlesnake Lake

Rattlesnake Mountain

Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Mountain Trail

Family Pic

Family walk in the (February!) sunshine to Rattlesnake Ledge/Edge
(although it appears to have been upgraded to a mountain!)

Mount Si Framed

Mount Si Panorama

Cedar River Watershed

Great views: Mount Si, the Snoqualmie Valley and the Cedar River Watershed which supplies much of Seattles drinking water.

Ewok and Fay

Ewok and H

With fay

Checking the trail

Here we are

Finn was in charge of navigation, and kept up a commentary on exactly where we were for most of the 90 minute hike up.



Proper Walk

Proper Walk

Ewok & the Lake

End of the hike

F and Ewok


Rattlesnake lake + Ewok + Stick = wet dog for the drive home.

Seattle Museum of Flight

Great Gallery

No school today. Yippee. This afternoon we swung by the Seattle Museum of Flight .

I say chaps, look out!

cool beard

What-ho chaps!


We even got to crawl through a Concorde although the boys voted it inferior to Air Force One (although it wasn’t the Air Force One because I don’t think Barak was hiding in the back at the time).

Morning Ride

Bridge crossing


Riding in the woods with H…

eating Oreos

Eating Oreos

…the champion Oreo eater.

Crash hat hair style

Hard work: wet and muddy and H doesn’t have a lot of weight to hang over the back wheel!
Rode home avoiding the rain to find that the skid lid had left a bit of an impression.



Thinking of home

Thinking of home

Today is Presidents’ Day in the USA , the place where we live, and that’s a St. George’s Cross , the flag of England, the place where we were born.

In hono(u)r of both: a cuppa and cup cakes before bed time.

Happy Valentines Day

Lego Valentines

Whoever and wherever your loved ones are today, a happy valentines to you all.


A wide aiddy

Wide me for Daily Shoot #DS88

A wide me in the morning, for today’s daily shoot .

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Where is my bus?

Where's my bus?

It wasn’t like this when I used to catch the 86 or 159 bus home from school.

Good Morning Rainier

Early morning at work

"What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good on
this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?"

Ewok’s long day at the office

Ewok: A long day at the office

Today’s Daily Shoot: Pet photos are such a cliche, but they're also cute. Make an interesting photo of a pet today. (via @rmanalan).

Note: This post was updated on 2020-10-01 19:36:29 to remove broken links (the Daily Shoot is no more, and has been for a long time.)

Chef Finn Tasting

Chef: sauce tasting

Chef Finn made the cheese sauce for Martin’s visit.
We were lucky there was any left to go with the cauliflower.



Walking the Ewok with coffee in-hand.


Fooled By Randomness

You can’t judge mistakes from a historical perspective.

Clean Pup

Ewok Bath Night

Another bath? Another bohemian, but clean, Ewok

Snow slowly goes

The end of Ski Hill, Leavenworth

Ski Hill car park in Leavenworth. More mud than snow.

Snow gauge

With the forecast unusually wet and warm, the season is almost over. Not so good.

Wenatche Valley

Skiing at Ski Hill

Ski Team

Making the most of the snow and a family lesson at Leavenworth Ski Hill
(big thank you Jeff!)

H demonstrates mono-skiing

H excelled at downhill speed and mono-ski skiing.


Fay was literally dancing down the slopes.

Ski prep

And Finn managed some solo stuff, including the day’s best backwards skiing.

Fantastic job organizing it all – thanks mum!


Home James

Ewok got fed up of being a passenger and decided it was his turn to drive.

Disappearing Nightmare


Dessert: “Visconti’s Nightmare”. So delish, it disappeared in seconds in a whirl of twirling forks.

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Ski Doo Do Do

Ski Doo H

Ski Doo F

H and Fay

Smile, no please smile

Some things you just have to do. So we did. A little snow-mobiling thanks to the folk at Mountain Springs Lodge


Lookout view

Finn & Harvey were geared up and ready for anything, except maybe for the speeds that mum managed. Or not.
Harvey claimed that they’d been overtaken by a dead squirrel on a tricycle riding backwards whilst balancing a small sled on his nose.


You can see the squirrel disappearing into the woods just to the left in the picture above.

Crossoak: Behind the scenes

Mum snapping

Dad snapping

For the many who have expressed interest in how c r o s s o a k ticks along here’s a peek behind the scenes. As seen in these snaps, Fay & I spend almost every waking hour with a small compact camera stuck to our noses. Easy.

Snow in Leavenworth

Leavenworth Reflection

Street Closed

Leavenworth is at its best in the snow. The little fake Bavarian Village has grown on me, so much so that I felt rather sad leaving to drive back over the mountains after this visit.

Das Rad House

Das Rad Haus was closed, or open if you call, but it looked like not many had.

Spikey Snow Bod

Although the town was almost snow free, there was still enough of the white stuff around to have fun. Fay’s snow-art reached new heights with this snow-spikey bod creation…

River-side chair

…Finn decided it was best to just sit back, relax, and watch the world float by…


…while Harvey decide Snow Wars was the answer, and a hail of snowballs ensued.

Down and out

Which lasted until he ran out of puff.

Ewok. First Snow Experience

This was Ewok’s first snow experience. The (expensive) boots to protect paws from ice lasted all of 5 minutes, but the Wokster was happy enough on the snowy trails, and even wet for a dip in the Wenatche .


Ahhhhhh, nice hat Fay. Where did you get it?

Leavenworth Lights

Leavonworth Lights

The lights are still up, and the snow is still there. Just.

Best thing about holidays


A holiday means a long trip sometimes by car; a long car trip means McDonalds; therefore, holidays are fun.


At least, that’s F’s world view this weekend.

I’m just glad it’s a rare enough event to be _that_ exciting (McDonalds, not holidays).

Flying Finn

The Flying Finn

No, not Timo Mäkinen .

Saturday Afternoon Lego

Saturday Afternoon Lego with Finn

Nothing quite beats Lego when it comes to a wet and rainy Saturday afternoon.

Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea

Thanks to Steve for the recommendation.
Thought provoking.

Pinewood Finals

Pinewood Derby: Arsenal Destroyer 81

Here’s the finished car, it’s called Arsenal (someone made a mistake and called it “Arsenal Destroyer” on the official entry)

Race night

H got 2 first’s, I think 4 second’s, 1 third and 1 fourth. Each car raced four times, once in each lane, and the best sixteen went into the final. H got through to the top sixteen and came twelfth!

Derby Cars

Here’s the stats thanks to

Car No. Av. Time (s) Max. Time (s) Min. Time (s) Scaled Speed (mph)
81 3.2055 3.224 3.182 202.07

[guest post by Harvey]

Pinewood Part 2

Base coat


Basecoat done

Finished paint job - waiting for the wheels

The paint job in progress.

Pinewood Part 1




H building a car for the Pinewood Derby, following the “measure twice cut thrice” method.

Basic shape done

With the outline cut to shape and sanded, next step is painting.
(Any guesses on the colours?)

Eagles on the Skagit

Heading up the valley

North up highway 9, hang left to Darrington and then into the deep dark forest until Tom Porters Cabin (1887) in Rockport for a Skagit rafting trip.

Crew reporting for duty

John. River Guide.

The crew were ready, as too was John, our superb river guide.
Sorry Jessica – John got first prize in the hat competition. Fay’s only managed a close second.

Dad with Pootle

Dad with Perkin

For added fun the flumps also joined our merry gang on the raft. Seen here with Dad: Pootle (striped hat) and  Perkin (black hat).

Rafting (and canoeing) the Skagit

As ever when it’s not chucking it down, the scenery in this part of the work is awe-inspiring.

Eagle in a tree

Mr. Eagle

And the Eagles are pretty impressive too.

Skagit & Cascades

Looking East up the Skagit valley into the North Cascades


Netbuster in Red

H ready for another game (almost). Colour coordinated too, although I thought ManU were the red devils...

Goal Tending

Goal Tending

This was a first, H in goal. He did well (a clean sheet) but it’s still not his favourite position to play in.

Ewok’s first hair cut

Ewok: first hair cut

Yup, today we got to see that Ewok has eyes!

Before and after pictures below. Can you tell which is which?

Ewok: after hair cut

Ewok: before hair cut

[Ask the audience hint: look at his paws]
[Phone a friend hint: smell the conditioner!]
[50:50 hint: it’s one of the two]

Fay tells me it’s money well spent, but how would you know?
And I don’t think she was talking about the stylish cravat that he returned from the stylist( yes STYLIST! ) wearing around his newly conditioned neck.

Ewok. He’s an Ewok after all.

One of those days

Hard day at the office

Warning: do not microwave single malt scotch whisky

Sunday Reading

Seattle Times Sunday

Seattle Times on Sunday. It's been a long time since I've read a Sunday paper.




Chapter 4: White

Chapter 4 White
Designing Design, Kenya Hara.
Lars Müller Publishers, Second Edition 2008

Who needs more than two wheels?

Finn, biking at cottage lake without training wheels

Not Finn.
Not stopping is also fun – at least he didn’t end up *in* the lake!

[Thanks Felix!!!!]
[We miss you!!!!!!!!!]
[That’s a plural “you”!!!!!!!!]
[ and a plural “we”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Top of the hill

Top of the hill

H & I had a swift ride along the Southern Traverse Trail before it got completely dark.
H, star that he is, managed to ride all the way up the big hill on 184th on the way home.


Mac n' cheese for pudding

F: left over mac and cheese for pudding.


H: crunch bar for pudding

Too many cushions

Too many cushions

‘nuff said.

Dead tree river

Wallace River Logs

Where the trees go when they die.

More Rain Wallace

North Fork Wallace River

Middle Wallace Falls

Wet, rainy and windy new years eve walk along the Wallace River to the picnic shelter at the lower Wallace Falls.
[You can see the snow line at about 1,500ft if you look closely]

Wet Blue Marmot

Spot for a pose

We were nearly the only ones on the trail.


Ewok got very, very, wet. It took hours for him to dry out.

Mossy tree

Green trail

No wonder the moss here grows thick and fast.