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wii i

wii ii


Fantastic boxing day fun in wii-land. Boxing, bowling, tennis & no black eyes. Super!

Boxing Day Walk

Boxing Day Walk

Boxing Day Walk

F & F were under the weather and H headed over to the cousins with Uncle Paul so Ewok & I had a little stroll along the river into town.

I d believe it’s starting to warm up a little.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Before it went in the oven.
Beautiful. And sooo tasty I forgot to take a post-roast pic…

Very local too – thanks to Tony and Marie-Ann. Christmas turkey with crackling. Yum.

Christmas Eve Ewok Walk

Christmas Eve Walk With Ewok

A week later and the snow is still with us

Christmas Eve Walk With Ewok

and Ewok’s fur is still perfect for the weather.

The ghost ship

Ghostly river

Stuff on a ship rounding Colehouse Point from the Lower Hope heading towards Gravesend Reach on the River Thames.


Allie bear

Ariel with Granddad

runway team


F with Granddad

Thanks Ross

Passenger Harvey

Passenger Finn

Ross, huge star, let granddad take the boys for a spin in the Lotus.
Finn could almost see out of the window :-)

Huge smiles.
Thanks Ross – next time the boys have asked if you’ll drive them!

Winter Dawn

Winter dawn

Not a bad view on a cold (-10-ish) morning. Worth getting out of bed for.

Can you see the fox?

A snowy expedition


What to do on our first full snow day back in the UK? Maybe a mini-expedition along the footpaths to the fabled Castle Meadows?

Sledgers at Castle Meadows

While the back garden had been great for sledging (even benefiting from some flood-lit final runs) we decided to sample the delights of the multiple runs at ‘the castle’, complete with ramps and jumps.

Castle Meadows with St Peters Church Spire

With the picturesque St. Peter’s Spire as a backdrop, S & H & Pablo joined us for the fun.

The walk home

As dusk fell we warmed up with some hot chocolate and dry gloves before setting of around the fields to home.

Finn loves snow

Sledge Fun


Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Sledge Fun

Never a bad day to ride

the lane

With terrain like this (our lane) I just had to get out on the bike – turned out to be the fastest thing in town – just so long as your comfortable in not going the way that the front wheel is pointing!

never a bad day to ride

Here’s the “proof shot” although on reflection it does look rather as if I’d just fallen off. Not quite the impression I’d been hoping to make…


Arsenal in a snow storm

H branded the car!

Snow is here

H prepared for sledding

F prepared for sledding

H & F made the most by turning the garden into a sledge park.

Decorated house

Reflected in a decoration


Arshavin waits

Waiting for Snow

For the snow…

Snow Bear


A light dusting

Ewok and white

got a little heavier

snow bear

and became a four inch pack of snow with clogged paws and everything.

Good times though. We like snow (and have the fur for it).


Pancake Finn

F is seven! Birthday treat was pancakes with Canadian maple Syrup for breakfast
(using Unke Graeme’s pancake recipe).

Indoor football

Then a spot of FIFA (ManU v Arsenal) while waiting for the snow to get deep enough to sledge (sled) on.

Finn's Cake

Followed by cake for tea!

Happy Birthday!

Tree Preparation

Unwrapping the tree

H unwrapping the tree.
Appropriately, this year the tree came from Christmas Common.


Finn's Creation

F, creating creations again. Proper job.

Frosty Sunrise

Frosty Sunrise

Fay spotted this out of the window this morning, the sun coming up under a band of cloud.



The night view from the white hut.

Rame Head

Rame Head

We walked to Rame Head (from the car park of course, well, it was a big lunch and we nearly walked all the way there the day before, the day of the squall, so does it count? please?)

St Michael's of Rame Head

St. Michael’s on the headland dates back to “a long time ago”.

Aiddy at Rame Head

Fay with Rame head with Rame Head

A lovely spot – we found a real picture by a real artist to remember it by. Russell Pond, if you’re reading, thank  you.

(Yes, Fay is a real artist too, I meant compared to my pix not her’s, I’ll stop now, I feel the hole I’m digging is getting a tad too deep…)

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Jet Ski Non-Surfers

Jet Ski Surfers

Really? Really? No, really.

The sea

The sea

The Sea from The Cliff.
Somewhere out there is France.
I know, I’ve been.

Run for it

Incoming Squall

Not what you want to see while out walking the cliff – an incoming squall approximately 5 minutes out. Fortunately we made the white hut just as the first rain drops started to hit and were able to watch events from the comfort of the couch with a nice hot cuppa.

The White Hut

The White Hut

The White Hut: an awe inspiring and peaceful place to spend a couple of days away to celebrate our anniversary.

Big thanks to Sharon & Alan for the recommendation; Les, Jessica, Hazel & Paul for looking after the three boys; and Clive & Jane for such a fantastic place.  



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