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Suitable Clothing

wet field

For a wet day: gloves + waterproof + shorts + England socks and trainers.

First T-Shirt

Where's my car?

This one has a story behind it too.
Printed via Cafe press on Anvilorganic 100% organic cotton; made in Nicaragua.

100 Things

100 things

F had a 100 things for counting at school.
100 stick on eye’s. Perfect.

Another morning worth getting up for

Another sunrise at the office

February, in the Pacific North West, and another day starts like this.


A morning worth getting up for

A morning worth getting out of bed for.

February, in the Pacific North West, and the day starts like this.


H in the woods

H with a woody background

Foreground: H with a smile and a hood.
Background: second growth forest and sunlight.

An Ewok gone Mad

Ewok and ferns

Observe one normal Ewok, at rest amongst the ferns.

Mad Ewok

Contrast with one crazy Ewok as he leaps through the undergrowth.

Forest Run Forest



Running in the woods today



and hiding too

(can you guess who was best?).


Obstacles to train with – I’m told agility is important for dogs and soccer players.


Plus hands to get dirty.

Canoe home

Work hard canoe home

I want to ride my bicycle

Solo with a smile

Don't stop me now

Riding in the garden. F’s riding solo (with a small hand to get going) and was coping great with the grass.
Is it just me, or is he looking a bit big for that bike?


Meanwhile H practiced some off-road skills.
I fear he might soon be pushing for some of the jumps and balancing logs over at Paradise.
(Although only because if that’s the case he’ll be expecting Dad to go first!)

Sir Ewok of Wooden Deck

Ewok on the deck

Ewok on the deck enjoying a warm sunny February afternoon.

Lost in the street view

which way?

So which 189th is it?


Stump Detail

Old tree roots at Rattlesnake Lake

Rattlesnake Mountain

Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Mountain Trail

Family Pic

Family walk in the (February!) sunshine to Rattlesnake Ledge/Edge
(although it appears to have been upgraded to a mountain!)

Mount Si Framed

Mount Si Panorama

Cedar River Watershed

Great views: Mount Si, the Snoqualmie Valley and the Cedar River Watershed which supplies much of Seattles drinking water.

Ewok and Fay

Ewok and H

With fay

Checking the trail

Here we are

Finn was in charge of navigation, and kept up a commentary on exactly where we were for most of the 90 minute hike up.



Proper Walk

Proper Walk

Ewok & the Lake

End of the hike

F and Ewok


Rattlesnake lake + Ewok + Stick = wet dog for the drive home.

Seattle Museum of Flight

Great Gallery

No school today. Yippee. This afternoon we swung by the Seattle Museum of Flight .

I say chaps, look out!

cool beard

What-ho chaps!


We even got to crawl through a Concorde although the boys voted it inferior to Air Force One (although it wasn’t the Air Force One because I don’t think Barak was hiding in the back at the time).

Morning Ride

Bridge crossing


Riding in the woods with H…

eating Oreos

Eating Oreos

…the champion Oreo eater.

Crash hat hair style

Hard work: wet and muddy and H doesn’t have a lot of weight to hang over the back wheel!
Rode home avoiding the rain to find that the skid lid had left a bit of an impression.



Thinking of home

Thinking of home

Today is Presidents’ Day in the USA , the place where we live, and that’s a St. George’s Cross , the flag of England, the place where we were born.

In hono(u)r of both: a cuppa and cup cakes before bed time.

Happy Valentines Day

Lego Valentines

Whoever and wherever your loved ones are today, a happy valentines to you all.


A wide aiddy

Wide me for Daily Shoot #DS88

A wide me in the morning, for today’s daily shoot .

Note: This post was updated on 2020-12-22 to fix broken links.

Where is my bus?

Where's my bus?

It wasn’t like this when I used to catch the 86 or 159 bus home from school.

Good Morning Rainier

Early morning at work

"What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good on
this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?"

Ewok’s long day at the office

Ewok: A long day at the office

Today’s Daily Shoot: Pet photos are such a cliche, but they're also cute. Make an interesting photo of a pet today. (via @rmanalan).

Note: This post was updated on 2020-10-01 19:36:29 to remove broken links (the Daily Shoot is no more, and has been for a long time.)

Chef Finn Tasting

Chef: sauce tasting

Chef Finn made the cheese sauce for Martin’s visit.
We were lucky there was any left to go with the cauliflower.



Walking the Ewok with coffee in-hand.


Fooled By Randomness

You can’t judge mistakes from a historical perspective.

Clean Pup

Ewok Bath Night

Another bath? Another bohemian, but clean, Ewok

Snow slowly goes

The end of Ski Hill, Leavenworth

Ski Hill car park in Leavenworth. More mud than snow.

Snow gauge

With the forecast unusually wet and warm, the season is almost over. Not so good.

Wenatche Valley

Skiing at Ski Hill

Ski Team

Making the most of the snow and a family lesson at Leavenworth Ski Hill
(big thank you Jeff!)

H demonstrates mono-skiing

H excelled at downhill speed and mono-ski skiing.


Fay was literally dancing down the slopes.

Ski prep

And Finn managed some solo stuff, including the day’s best backwards skiing.

Fantastic job organizing it all – thanks mum!


Home James

Ewok got fed up of being a passenger and decided it was his turn to drive.

Disappearing Nightmare


Dessert: “Visconti’s Nightmare”. So delish, it disappeared in seconds in a whirl of twirling forks.

Note: This post was updated on 2020-11-15 to remove broken links

Ski Doo Do Do

Ski Doo H

Ski Doo F

H and Fay

Smile, no please smile

Some things you just have to do. So we did. A little snow-mobiling thanks to the folk at Mountain Springs Lodge


Lookout view

Finn & Harvey were geared up and ready for anything, except maybe for the speeds that mum managed. Or not.
Harvey claimed that they’d been overtaken by a dead squirrel on a tricycle riding backwards whilst balancing a small sled on his nose.


You can see the squirrel disappearing into the woods just to the left in the picture above.

Crossoak: Behind the scenes

Mum snapping

Dad snapping

For the many who have expressed interest in how c r o s s o a k ticks along here’s a peek behind the scenes. As seen in these snaps, Fay & I spend almost every waking hour with a small compact camera stuck to our noses. Easy.

Snow in Leavenworth

Leavenworth Reflection

Street Closed

Leavenworth is at its best in the snow. The little fake Bavarian Village has grown on me, so much so that I felt rather sad leaving to drive back over the mountains after this visit.

Das Rad House

Das Rad Haus was closed, or open if you call, but it looked like not many had.

Spikey Snow Bod

Although the town was almost snow free, there was still enough of the white stuff around to have fun. Fay’s snow-art reached new heights with this snow-spikey bod creation…

River-side chair

…Finn decided it was best to just sit back, relax, and watch the world float by…


…while Harvey decide Snow Wars was the answer, and a hail of snowballs ensued.

Down and out

Which lasted until he ran out of puff.

Ewok. First Snow Experience

This was Ewok’s first snow experience. The (expensive) boots to protect paws from ice lasted all of 5 minutes, but the Wokster was happy enough on the snowy trails, and even wet for a dip in the Wenatche .


Ahhhhhh, nice hat Fay. Where did you get it?