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After the lists…


…comes the packing.

Moving Sonic

Sonic moving

Sonic moved first, he’s got a new home with Gretchen and Hamed.

Ewok Stressing Out

Ewok goes next – as you can see he’s totally stressed out by the whole process.

Water Fight!

Ready for the waterfight

Thank you Sue & Jeff! A mega fantastic BBQ, bare-foot footie and water fight extravaganza.

Awesome River Rafting

Rafting team

Jessica organized an awesome white water trip on the Wenatchee for H’s cub scout den. Seen here is the crew of raft #3, ready for action.

Leveling Up

Levelling Up

F tackling the end of level on Kung Fu Panda.

List of lists

List of lists

Old paper meets new paper with our fool-proof list of list of lists system.
There’s lots to keep track of.

King of the garden

King Ewok in the Garden

Gaming before bedtime

Gaming before bedtime

Long summer days and it is, finally, light long into the evening – last Sunday was the darkest June day for the last 15 years .

Sorting Pens

Sorting Pens

F testing and sorting pens in an Ewok-proof pen.
Nice job if you can get it.

Happy Birthday Ewok

Ewok Birthday Pic

One today, June 17th.

Happy Birthday to you
I went to the zoo
I saw a little Ewok
And I knew it was you

For sale

For sale

One pre-loved Honda Element.
B.C. to Washington to Oregon (many times) and back.
Mountains, volcanoes, beach, snow, rock and sand.
Kayaks to crampons to footballs and snacks.

If only the wheel ‘twas on the right side.

Last Day

Last day of Kindergarten

F’s last day in Kindergarten with the amazing and wonderful Mrs. Ito
(and the wonderful and amazing Mrs. George).

We’re going to miss Bear Creek.

Big Smile

The smile after the jump

A beaming smile from H after he nailed the last jump on the Cedar Run trail.
Yes, that jump on that trail . Definitely, please, don’t tell Fay.

[No, I’ve no idea what my expression was meant to convey]

Shadow bike

shadw bike

The big Lego build

The big lego build

After the sleep-over came the big Lego build. Very intense.

Before the cut

Ewok and grass

Ewok in the long grass just before I wacked it with the mower.
No more long grass.

Back in the Saddle

Sit here

Too fast on the trail and slip-slide mud around mile 8 = bloody knee and a slower ride the rest of the way home.

Bye bye swing

Gone to a good home

Gone, but to a good home.
Pass on good things.

Never ever a bad day to ride

end of a wet ride

Even if the trails are wet, slippy and muddy.


Ewok celebrating

A little celebration yesterday after Ewok and Fay passed their PPST and PPAT tests for the Delta pet partner program.


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Netbusters in action outside again after a long winter playing indoor.

A mini-tournament down at starfire sports (Steve, take a look at the facilities there!)


The fantastic team.

Big big thanks to Sue and Jeff for coaching and organizing!

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Muddy Bath

After a very muddy walk, Ewok relaxes in the bath (note the muddy water).

Ewok does pre-wash

Later, he returns the favour by giving the dishes a pre-wash.




Finn at the fort

Playing tag on the play fort at St Edwards

Game over

The boys won!
(Mum wasn’t playing)

St Edwards Fern

St Edwards Fern


Mud and the sock line

The trails were a tad muddy from all the rain we’ve been having.
Luckily, a sock kept some of me nearly clean.

Too busy talking


So didn’t really cook nearly us much as expected, so lunch the next day was egg-burgers!
A delight not sampled since leaving behind the land of B&Q burger vans.

Morning after

VFFs in the morning

Morning after the party.
A warm (albeit Photoshop enhanced) glow, unfortunately not from early morning sunlight, but instead from the rain clouds diffusing through the orange telco-branded pop-up that Dawn & Mark leant us to stay dry.

Please play

Ewok on rug

If you can resist this face then the next step…

Ewok's Squeaky Ball

… is to constantly drop the squeaky ball at your feet until you relent.

Another kind of reading

F does toy story on iPad

F reading Toy Story, on an iPad.