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Poetry Corner

Reading with mum

Okay, it was a rug not a corner. Do funny, laugh-out-loud, poems count?

Cuddly Tiger Hiding

Tiger hiding from Ewok in the woods

Ewok has developed a habit of kidnapping cuddly toys. Tiger was found (rescued) this afternoon deep in the woods at the back of the house surrounded by a patch of mushroom guards.
Happily the only injuries sustained was a little dampness.
The other tigers were pleased to hear the good news.

May in the garden

May in the garden

May this year has been wet and the conifers have been putting on new growth like nobodies business.
Past May in the Gardens: 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 .


Nelly came to stay

Nelly (and family) came to stay. Ewok was sad to see her go.

9 bikes

mum from the trail

After too long away from home it was great to hit the trail with H to blow away some cobwebs.
We even brought some mud from the southern traverse back with us.

Bear Cub Scout

boy scout

H ready for his last pack meeting before moving up to Webelos

pack 552

bear badge

He’s now a bear cub scout!
[thanks to granddad for helping to fill in scouttracks…]

View from the A303

A303 view

Driving east from Honiton along the A303 and watching the day fade into night.

Felix Ford


Three days young.

Going a bit crazy in Exeter

Exeter Cathederal

Being a bit silly, and perplexing tourists, in front of Exeter Cathedral.


Teaching Amelie how to levitate on the cathedral steps.

Exeter with Amelie

Tackling Exeter Town Wall

Tackling the steps around Exeter’s town wall on the way down to the quay.

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Locl Stock & Barrel

Lock, Stock and Barrel on the canal in Newbury.

Bike Lane Warning

Bike Lane Warning

This is one of the signs on my route to work.
Makes you think.

In training

Ewok at woodinville fire

Ewok’s therapy dog training continues at Woodinville Fire Station.
Lesson 3: Stand by the engine and act nonplussed as the siren screams and hoses squirt.


cedar run