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Snow everywhere but here

Winter morning view of the Ridgeway

SOMG across the UK except where we are. Just hard frost and, the day after I took this, a sprinkling of the white dust.

The Needles

The needles

Sun corner

Martin recommended the Needles and an amazing recommendation it was too. Old battery, new battery and the rocket engine test site. With views of the ‘ needles, cliffs, caves and everything ’!

The gang with needles

Fay & Finn

The boys were fantastic with the hike down to the headland in the freezing weather. Special mention to little-F who managed to dig deep despite being several shades under the weather.

Martin, photog

Lovely spot for some piccy snapping…

you are here

…and waving across the Solent to Nana and Granddad
(who didn’t wave back despite us being clearly visible).

The needles

Old Battery was sign-posted as closed at the start of the walk down, but don’t be put off, there’s great views and the National Trust redeemed itself with an open tea room!

A lovely end to a FAB thanksgiving weekend. Big thanks to KMDFM.

Freshwater Lifeboat

toss a coin for the lifeboat

Indoor life

F DS #2

F DS #1

F & F on multiplayer DS (mario kart)

Window Sill

while dad takes a photo of a window.

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay, IOW

Down the road from the “holiday house” was lovely Horseshoe Bay. A little chilly with the breeze blowing and the snow falling.


Some nice wave action too. But not enough swell to surf the kayak.

No cycling

no cycling

Locked up

Locked up

The boys in the porch of Boniface church.
There’s two church’s in Boniface. This was the old St Boniface church, built around the 11th century.



Ewok’s friend



Granny with growing little F. Cute.

Roundball Hill


A strange collection of characters made the trek up to the summit of Roundball Hill on Sunday afternoon…



Boj and Brov

Boj & Brov

Hikers bon the summit

H & A

Fay by A

Fay (photo by A)

air guitar

and F.

hide and seek

Hide and seek was played enthusiastically on the way up,

honiton view

and the view from the blustery top was pretty darn good.

trekking home

Sunday roast was calling so we high-tailed it back down the lane.

Best play ground / area. Ever.

climbing wam

The wigwam-styled climbing thing

F swinging

A swinging

Ariel stunts in the swinging circle of net.

F & H balancing

The balancing beams.

Which the kids, including A, conquered easily (some running!) while some of us adults were, shall we say, a tad hesitent? Thanks H&F for the encouragement.

handmade by

Not sure who to thank exactly. So Honiton , East Devon , and notsurewhoyouare, thankyou.

A hat and a boat

Hat and Pebbles

This is the hat.


And, this is the boat.

There were pebbles and a cliff too.
We counted the cliff, but not all the pebbles.

Contenders Ready

Beach Climbing

Beach Rolling

H & F using the pebble bank as a mini gladiators course. I’m not sure who won.

Some Beer Beach People





F and a bucket of crab

Ewok on the beach

Surprised F


Weekend Visitor


Granny came to share the weekend. Pictures were taken.

First Wallingford Geo-cache

Following a bearing

Armed only with a programmable internet-linked GPS receiver we set off across the wasteland in search of Thames Path – Benson Lock .

Running repairs

After a slight hiccup caused by a near miss with trench foot…

Log book

The cache was successfully discovered and the logbook duly signed.

A bit of DIY


The great think about renting is you don’t spend any time doing jobs like this.

Thames Walk


A lovely walk along the Thames past Benson Marina to…



…Shillingford Bridge…

Thames Path

…for a surprise cup of tea and some jam supplies from Phil.

Just one chocolate button

Just one chocolate button then

H Packing


H has been away with school all week, doing outdoorsy stuff in Wales. His kit bag was bigger than him!

Autumn Flame

Autumn Fire

The path along the side of the Copse burst into red and yellow flame and the leaves turned. Or at least that’s what the family tell me, looks a murky damp orange to me.

Face in the sky

God looking down

One of our local red-tailed kites soaring above the bottom meadow.

Can you find the face?

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The copse

The copse from the river path with mid-Autumn coloured trees.

Getting around

Martin, Katie, & Megan


A F.A.B weekend with Megan & family.

Relaxing chaos ensued.

It’s a dogs life Megan

Megan Sleeps

Bat Pumpkin & Friends

Bat Pumpkin

Our bat pumpkin had some friends to visit



Snape and Harry

and then Snape and Potter!


Spellbinding stuff.

I can’t remember…

something interesting

…what was so interesting that:

a) everyone stopped to look at it
b) I took a picture

But it looks riveting.

Jessica’s Birthday

Waelend Girls


Monster Mash

Monster mash completed

Pumpkin picking and monster mash mazing at millets farm centre .