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The field at the bottom of the garden

The field at the bottom of the garden

Actually it’s a meadow. And it’s not at the bottom of the garden. Apart from that the title was fairly accurate.

Holding up the sky

Holding up the sky

It had been a long day and the sky was very thankful.

School Run

Riding School Bus

Except we ride, not run.

Evening Light

Evening Light

End of a day from the front garden. Glowing.

Face time


Riding the lane

F riding

H & Ewok

An evening blast down the lane to the gate.

Getting some air off the speed humps too. Perfect.

Berries and Seeds

berries and seeds

F proudly clutching a collection of berries and seeds from the lane ready for the school project.

Anyone else think F was the inspiration for Seedos ?

Need a washing line

washing line

A breath of fresh air: somewhere where the neighbours don’t think that you’re mad for hanging shaped fabric on a rope.
At least I think they don’t.

I may have to ask.

Benson Views

RAF Benson


From the garden you can look out over the Thames to Benson, the village and the airfield .

On Sundays the bells from St. Helens sing out across the valley.

Path to the shops


Old iron fence on the edge of the field on the way into town.

F chilling

F vegging

Making the most of the space before all the furniture arrived.

Becoming Home

House with transport

Bikes: the way to get around the new world.

Arrived in one piece

a van full of stuff

“I want all the pot plants”

After an herculean effort by Messers Les and Adron all the pot plants, plus other miscellaneous stuff, arrived at new house.

Now to unpack…

Clean house

Clean house

Cross Oak was left spick and span thanks to Jessica!

Good Bye Cross Oak

fairwell window

The second last morning at cross oak road.

Farewell house. You’ve been a fantastic home.

A reminder of the first last morning .

Bunkfest Climbers

climber h

climber s

climber h

climber f

P.E. Kit

PE Kit

It’s not just a school uniform at the new school’s, they have P.E. kit too.

I say Grayson, don’t we look smart, yes we do Mr. Cholmondley-Warner.

For those not familiar with the UK education system and P.E. see this ministry of information film .

Clearing the Cross Oak Garden

F frog finding

H pot cleaning

Big job to leave cross oak ship-shape and to make sure all the pots were clean and ready to travel.

Found Dog

found dog

Maisey the spanish water dog, was lost, then found by the boys on canal fields, now reunited with home

New sounds

new sounds

Radio 4 delight.

House yes, home maybe


Jump, Jump Around

H Jump

F Jump

M Jump

D Jump

Seaside walk

Feet = proper walk

Feet = proper walk

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Family walk | bike | hike


Practicing some 2-wheeled moves on the way to the beach.

She Sells Sea Shelters on the Sea Shore


Cool Dude H

Cool Dude


Crabbing at Mudeford

A summers evening spent watching the warmth go down while crabbing on the river side at Mudeford with Unke Hilton.

(That’s pronounced Muddy Ford rather than Mude Ford which is why it’s spelt Mudeford.)

Inspecting the catch

The little ones weren’t biting but the family next to us made a generous donation which passers by were somewhat impressed by.

F even gave demonstrations!

Go Mackerel Fishing On Rosie

Wrapped up the day with chips from the cafe.



Who says small cars in the states don’t work?


Redmond Hotel Bed

Surreal is going back to the country you used to live in and staying in a hotel instead of a home.
Try it some time, head down to your local travel lodge for a couple of nights. Weird.