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Flying By

Having fun over RAF Benson - for RAF Benson Family Day

Didn’t realise that RAF Benson Family Day was today until the acrobatics started.
We had quiet a good view from across the river.
Was a tad worried when the Chinook decided to just hang vertically, but the Tornado at
---censored-- metres literally shook us back to our senses.

Looked like the base put on an excellent show.

More pix here .

Pottering about in London

Olympic Count Down

Trafalgar Square

Apple Store


H and D went up to London for (fab) Potted Potter and some other stuff too.

We are one

homegrown together

Home grown.
Getting the twists just so takes huge amounts of gardening skill.

Leaf Hats

Leaf Hats

Leaf Hats

Leaf Hats

Leaf Hats

Leaf Hats

Available in good stores near you soon

Wittenham Clumps



Taking Ewok and Megan for a walk on the clumps.

Hacking Kodu

The boys hacking games with kodu

The boys hacking together some games with Kodu.

Dawn and Dusk



The beginning and the end of yesterday across the fields around the house.

I could grow slowly old contentedly here.

Ready for footie camp

Ready for footie camp

August in the Garden



Garden Poppies


Winter set onion seed head

Winter-set onion; going to seed

zucchini (or courgette)

Courgette | Zucchini

Every year c r o s s o a k covers May in the Garden .
Here’s a little glimpse of August.


Anyone for carrots?

H with some of the carrots we grew this year.

Not half bad once I’d figured out what wasn’t weeds. Apparently stuff growing in straight lines is the clue… you did plant them in straight lines didn’t you?

Surfing Gwithian Style

Board and Boy

surf II

surf I

life is a kick


Still missing Scott’s Hot Shots – the t-shirt goes everywhere.

Keeping snug

Keeping Snug

Finn perfected the art of keeping snug when camping, although mum’s attempt was almost as good!

Harvey and the Rabbit

H's rabbit

Harvey befriended a rabbit. The rabbit moved in.

This rabbit was not imaginary .


you will have your picture taken

We will have our photo taken…



On the sand in St Ives harbour.

Fantastic Felix



Photos for All

No idea who these people are but… Proof!
(That it’s not just me that snaps.)

St Ives Views

Teaching the art of boat spotting

Boats, St Ives

St Ives Harbour

Boys St Ives view

St Gothians


St Gothians, Gwithian .

Tate: Roman Ondák

Roman Ondák, Measuring the Universe

Roman Ondák, Measuring the Universe

Roman Ondák, Measuring the Universe

Our humble contributions to Measuring the Universe

Tate: Martin Creed

Them, with half the air

Me with half the air

Tate St Ives filled half a gallery with playful white balloons. Or was it Martin Creed’s Half the Air in a Given Space ?

Keeping Warm

Snug in a Patagonia

Fay: snug (and bright) in a Patagonia.


Tate St Ives

Fay and the boys on the roof at Tate St Ives in 2006

Tate St Ives 2011

…and again in 2011

The Beach


Fun on the beach at Gwithian .

Camp Dinner

First camp meal

First day camping – pasta for dinner – yum.

The many sides of Les at 70

The many sides of Les at 70

Big birthday called for a big birthday bash for granddad with
the grandsons pictured with their pictures.

Better late than never.