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H and the drill

Drill man

Granddad had a wall that needed a hole. The wall was thick so a long drill bit was required, as demonstrated by little H.


The hole was needed close to the gas supply. Much measuring, and re-measuring, and re-re-measuring was done.



The one on the left is for the central heating. It’s in the off position. That explains why there was no heat. The coffee machine, positioned in front of the switch, explains why it took two weeks to realise what the problem was.


Clearing Winter Storm

Clearning evening winter hail strom

Finn @ Eight


Birthday Footie

A football-themed day for F at the ripe old age of eight.

Donut Monster

Plus some Krispy Kreme’s from the previous day’s excursion to London (and Rooney’s smelly boots).


Ewok didn’t get any Krispy Kreme’s. Hence his deprived dog impression.