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A little paperwork


The fence

The Fence

Fence : a freestanding structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. It is generally distinguished from a wall by the lightness of its construction.


Path : A Footpath (also pedestrian way, walking trail, nature trail) is a thoroughfare intended for by pedestrians but not by motorized vehicles.


Missed by the combine

Something the harvester didn’t get.

four dawn snaps

Passing the needles at dawn

Solent Sunrise

Photographing the photographer

Wave interference patterns with the Isle of Wight at Dawn

Got up early and took Ewok for a walk down on the beach.
Oh for a tripod and a decent coffee.

Harry Potter, Pah!

Doorway dozers

Harry Potter thought sleeping under the stairs was rough. H sleeps with Ewok on the door mat. At least he’s first to get the post.

The adventures of fred ted

Fred ted

Fred Ted helped to cook the dinner

Fred ted

And lit the candle for the table

Fred ted

After dinner Fred Ted went exploring in the garden

Fred ted

and then took us on a moon-lit walk

Fred ted

the next day we wanted to take Fed Tred canoeing on the Thames. But the water was flowing too fast and the health & safety assessment concluded an excursion would be too dangerous for Ted Fred.

The end.

Didcot Power

Didcot Power Station at Dusk

Another view of the power station at Didcot.
This from Wittenham clumps at dusk, which I ran up with a head-splitting headache as the sun was sinking fast.

Dog walking


A nice wonder along the river for Ewok and Shadow (friend of Ewok)

Set Aside

Across the field skirting the set aside

Castle Meadows

through castle meadows

Benson Lock Cut

and then back along the river bank

Benson Lock

Benson Weir

to check out the lock and weir where the gauge was at 12 feet.

Someone left a pressie

A present?

Great, thanks, just what I always wanted.

However, I do understand, I mean what is one to do when the link to South Oxfordshire District Council information on the disposal of commercial waste is broken?

Still, at least the link to report fly tipping works. Not.

Note: This post was updated on 2020-11-08 to remove broken links

Parcel Force Fail


Coming home from work this was blocking the lane.
Apparently a parcel force driver had decided ours was a quiet spot for a spot of lunch, pulled over into the alluvial mud , and got stuck. Fast.
Some time later, with the van still stuck, two other parcel force vans arrived to pick up the parcels (one of which also managed to get stuck for a while). So if something you were expecting to arrive today didn’t, maybe you now know why.

Lonely tree, with friend the broken fence

Lonely tree, with friend the broken fence

On the edge of the meadows is a lonely tree. There’s fragments of fencing like this all over the place .

A brief pause in bouncing

Trampoline team


Muddy hand

It’s very muddy. Alluvium mud , very sticky.
Here H demonstrates the preferred technique to avoid muddy hands when nearly falling into the river.

Swyncombe Down

I can't stand the light

The sun was already sinking as we headed up Swyncombe Down

The gang at mole kingdom

F discovered the “Kingdom of the Moles” on the top

South East From Swyncombe Down

with some super views of the Oxfordshire Countryside

Where the power comes from

and some super industrial views of nearby Didcot power station .

Aside: Didcot is a tad different from the local electricity generation when we were in Seattle .

Second aside: Didcot might be our local generator, but our leccy comes from GoodEnergy . Recommended .

2022-03-29: Fixed broken Link

Shocker! Times Two!

Manu laundry

H ironing!

H ironing a Man-U pillow case!

Don’t let the uncles see…

Dusky Walk

Copse sunset

Dusky Fred

Leeds drew, much to pablo’s (and our) relief. Pants avoided.
We wrapped up warm and headed out for some needed fresh air as the sun sank,

The moon trees

to watch the moon trees dancing.

Depth Gauge

Benson lock downstream guage

The river’s much higher than last October . The sluice gates on the weir are open. Must be all that melted snow coming down.



Or, more accurately, moo-bours.

The road to Brightwell-cum-Sotwell

The road to Brightwell-cum-Sotwell

We’re in the parish (not village ) of Brightwell-cum-Sotwell. I guess the boundaries were drawn when travelling on Bridleways was as common as travelling on tarmaced roads since the nearest place by road isn’t Brightwell. We must visit someday.

A muddy, very muddy, ride; but a decent loop via Wittenham Woods and Dorchester-on-Thames .

Emirates tour with Granddad

Heading to the station

Harvey and Granddad go to London to get a tour of The Emirates

Emirates grounds

Harvey with some kind of trophy or sum'int

Harvey under premier league cup

Harvey, Granddad and Fabregas

Harvey and Granddad under Fabregas shirt

The tunnel

Arsenal put on music[of the crowd]when we go through the tunnel


Harvey outside Emirates grounds

[guest post]

Worbarrow Bay

Coast Path

The south west coast path at Worbarrow Bay.

Megan and Ewok do Worbarrow Bay

Ewok at Worbarrow Bay

Megan at Worbarrow Bay

Near Tyneham

Trail at Tyneham


The gang

Tyneham is an evacuated village (population zero in the 2001 census) on the south coast that was initially used for pre D-Day training and then became part of the Lulworth Military Range ( MOD ).

A perfect place to meet up with M, K, D, F & M on the way back from Devon…

Big 3

…but best not to loiter by the targets for too long!

Shove Ha’penny

shove ha'penny

Granny teaching us to play shove ha’penny. Wikipedia tells us that it’s also known as shove halfpenny or shoffe-groat (but what a groat is I don’t know). But then H reminds us that you shouldn’t rely on wikipedia as it’s not authoritative. But then it might be as good as it gets .

Post-Christmas in Devon

christmas 2010

Two Foggy Seascapes

Foggy seascape


Salcombe Hill Cliff

Salcombe Hill Cliffs

do I sea a theme emerging here ?


dogs are banned on this beach

Dogs are banned on this beach

boys at sidmouth

but only from the start of May to the end of September.
So we laugh at your sign. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Exploring Sidmouth

Felix as Pootle

F explored Sidmouth as pootle

Amelie puddle finding

while A sought out the puddles


and F, H & F carved graffiti into the cliff at chit rocks.

With the cousins




Amelie’s House

Amelie's house

Happy 2011

Happy 2011

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy & contented 2011, from all of us.

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