World Pooh Sticks Championships

Posted by aiddy on Mon 28 March 2011


The mug punters and the berko bouncers almost managed to miss the World Pooh Sticks Championships…

Team waiting area

What with the clocks changing, roundabout approach drive and mixing up the ‘where to meet’ instructions.

Official standard pooh sticks

But we managed to just make the heats, clutching (or not) our regulation pooh sticks


Focus and concentration, as well as peak physical fitness, being the key attributes of world pooh stick championship contestants, as demonstrated here by Dave’s perfect stick release technique.

Berko Bouncers watching the results come in

Unfortunately that perfect release wasn’t enough to get the mug punters on the leader board, much to the amusement of the on looking berko bouncers.

Score board

May be next year? Team training starts in October…

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