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The Lonely Tree

The lonely tree

The lonely tree last January .
It’s still lonely.
I know.
I asked.

December Floods

Thames flooding between Benson and Wallingford

Thames flooding between Benson and Wallingford

Not as bad as the floods in November , but again the river overflowed into the flood plain.

Feeling the need to paddle it…

Thames Valley in Flood

Flooded Thames valley from Wittenham Clumps

A walk on Wittenham Clumps to blow away the Christmas Flu and take a gander at the flooded Thames valley.

River Thames at Days Lock

In the middle of the picture is Days Lock. Getting to the lock island is a tad tricky right now.

Wet Dog

Wet dog

Ewok is the only person I know that’s loving this wet weather. He’s happy spending hours in the garden. The wetter the better he says.

November Floodscapes

The water table lake in Bob's field

Early morning in the flooded fields

In November the river flooded the meadows down to Wallingford, getting close to the 2003 height of 5 and a bit metres.

Do not try this at home

flooded tony lane

The water meadows were flooded again (November, I’m a tad tardy posting all this).

the put in

But I couldn’t resist a a quick sprint down to Wallingford

flood kayaking

The one before wet feet

Don't try this at home

The boys came to see; but I resisted F’s request to Eskimo roll :-)

Under no circumstances should you canoe or kayak in flood water.

Flood water is dangerous:

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Tree planting

A new tree planted

New life. Three tiny trees from Deacon’s Nursery now tucked up in warm holes in the back garden.

I think Fay can remember what type they are…

The shed in the mud

The Shed in a trench

The beginning of a seating area down by the shed Fay’s studio. At the moment it’s just  a muddy hole. A muddy hole that Ewok loves and is slowly moving into the house, one muddy paw at a time.

[ White Shed | Shed 4 | Shed 3 | Shed 2 | Where did the pond go? ]

Player of the Week

Player of the week

In goal and out field.

Be safe be seen


A brighter ride with a couple of these.

Bright enough that they need to be dipped for oncoming pedestrians but still apparently not bright enough for drivers pulling out onto Shillingford roundabout…

…but then mid day summer sunlight isn’t bright enough for them either.

Apple Press

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

D&S had a bumper apple crop that all came good at the same time. What do you do with more apples than you can eat? Turns out you drink them.

In H’s case straight from the press. By far the best apple juice ever.

Bubble Boy


F caught in the bubbles.

First day back

First day at school

Milestone. Harvey goes to ‘big school’ (where long trousers are required).



Ewelme dog show winners!

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Mini triathelon start line

Mini-Olympics. Triathlon start line.

Angry Sky

Angry Cloud

Not Cannon Beach

Hidden Beach

Could almost be Cannon Beach . Was probably better.

Slow train to Pontarfynach


We (all of us) took the slow train to Pontarfynach.


To see the waterfalls at Devils Bridge.

Hike Down

Which involved climbing steps.

Steps. lots of.

Lots of steps.

Iron bridge

And climbing over iron bridges.


But they were rather pretty.

Hide and seek





The train was pretty epic too.


llangrannog stiched

Playing on the hidden gem of Carreg-y-ty.

Llangrannog 180

llangrannog stiched

H chilling by the beach.

First Day in Llangrannog

Sea view

A most marvellous walk from the Farm House (a most excellent last-minute find from lovely Fay) to “the city” as F called it, or Llangrannog to the rest of the world.

Cliff top pose

Break time

For such a long distance hike many rest stops were required.


But the destination was well worth the effort.

Classic Cluedo

Amiga MiniOffice Find

With a blast-from-the-past Amiga-printed crib sheet.




Stuff Grows!

Stuff is growing now that the Patented Rodent Fence has been installed.

Rodent Fence

One small snag, Fay (rightly) thinks it’s lowering the tone. Hummmm.


4 x 400m

Olympic Stadium

With F at the Olympic Athletics. Inspiring and hot.

Olympic Show Jumping

Olympic Show Jumping

Fay & Rachel at Greenwich Park for some Olympic show jumping…

Team GB Gold

…and a team gold for Team GB (strictly it’s, Team GB and NI and Crown Dependencies and (some) British Overseas Territories (not otherwise represented by their own Olympic Committees). But Team GBaNIaCDasBOT doesn’t trip off the tongue nearly as easily).

The track in the wheat field

The track in the wheat field

Bonus question: how many Weetabix could you get from the whole field?

Cloud over south Oxfordshire

Clouds over South Oxfordshire

Olympic Kayaks!

F - K1 olympic Final

H - K1 Olympic Final

K1 Olympic Final

Olympic Kayak Salom Course

A very very kind D&A gave us tickets for the K1 Olympic Finals. An absolutely awesome day at the Lea valley White Water course.

Ewok Trauma

Ewok and girls

Ewok was not happy.

“I’m not a doll” he said.

Marvellous Margie





Surf prep

After a long afternoon making the most of it…

Slow cooking fish

..the fish (fresh from Mortehoe) were slow-cooked on the BrillBarbie

Snug H

Snug F

Late starting and very slow, so the boy’s snugged down for the evening.

Tucking in

But it was well worth it. Super dinner and the perfect end to a lovely break down in Woolacombe with the FabFour™




sun worship

Sun worshipping

Twentyfirst Century


Sofa snoozing


A bit of Sculpture-Culture at Broomhill hotel and gardens . Absolutely top grub too.

Chilling in Woolacombe


Woolacombe when the summer arrived. Busy, but nicely busy.

waiting for that perfect wave

F (doesn’t he look like H?) waiting for that perfect wave (it arrived, two days later).

Torch Relay in Wallingford

relay crowd

There’s a flame in there somewhere.

I need coffee…

Coffee Machine

Bird Life

Great Tit

The Lookouts

Men at C&A

Blowy Rame Head

Windy Ridge

Windy walk almost ended with us being blown off the ridge to Ram Head Chapel.

Cheap Seats

In the cheap seats

Sometimes you just have to watch it where you can.

Euro 2012.

It’s just a number


Force 9

Where's the bath

Stormy Seas

White hut view

The campers packed up just in time. A Force 9 (aka Strong Gale) hit overnight.

By the morning we had a foam filled bay and white caps still visible out to the horizon.


Waiting on Pub Grub

Pub Grub

Decent grub in the Cross Keys Kingsand & Cawsand .


Moth Head

Moth Hand

Shipping Seascapes

Murky Submarine

Sub in the murk.

Possibly HMS Monmouth

Frigate, I think. HMS Monmouth possibly.

Ball Skills

Ball Head Stand

Heads up.

Ball Kick

Foot skills.

Ball Balance


Ball Head




I think someone found a fishing net.

It was a *long* drag home.



Clive & Jane had a copy of Albert Waugh’s “ Sundials: Their Theory and Construction ”. A fascinating read. H spied a wonderful portable sundial which we promptly put through its paces on the front deck.

To-do: build a sundial for the garden.

Return of the dog walker

Return of the dog walker

Bath with a View

Bath with a view

The second-best bath view in the world. The first is obviously the pacific from La Push (although there’s no published pictures of that one ;-))

Beach Scouting

Cliff Path

First job at the hut, scout the cliff path to the beach. Steep, slippy and in places ‘hairy’ too. Time to beach: boys 10 mins; adults 17.5 mins; Ewok 30 seconds.

I see no ships

“I see no ships”.

Dive boats above HMS Scylla

Except the dive boats above HMS Scylla .

Proper Walk

A very proper walk. And good aerobic training going back up.

Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket

Bowling was a tad tricky on the stony wicket but we did discover an awesome fielder in the family. Ewok.

Proper Walk

Proper Walk

Another in the occasional series .


Within the Termite Mound

The termite installation.

Vertical Drop

The vertical drop.

Both at Escot .

Breakfast on Beer Beach

Ewok and Friends

Chilling on the beach

Juggling stumps

Breakfast (fried!) at Ducky’s, Chapple’s or Kenno’s cafes on Beer Beach
(I canna remember which captain).

Ewok Shearing

Dog shearing

No, it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘ bad hair day ’.

May in the garden






Last year May in the garden came early. This year lots of rain meant it’s arrived late.

Past May in the Gardens: 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 .

Bad hair day

New Hair Day

…and for a while I *really* thought I’d found a solution.



More chicks . This time in a proper bird box. There’s new bird life everywhere this year: garage, holly tree, rosemary bush. bird house, bird box, loft, ivy, hedge…

Green and red mini

Green and red mini no slap-backs

Chelsea Green and Red Mini. no slap-backs.

[ more ]

Padstow Wedding Weekend

Wedding Guest Reflection

iPhone wedding photog

Padstow. A special place for a special wedding between two special people.

Minor's in Padstow

Cake, We like.


PI in a box

Pi in a box

You can even view c r o s s o a k with it.

The Cow


We have new neighbours. Here’s one of them.


Baby robins

Last year ducks , this year Robins. At least that’s what we found hanging in a plastic bag in the garage. It *almost* got thrown away. Close one.


Benson Lock

Wettest April for 100 years ? Luvly. Time for a paddle from Benson Lock…

Old Boat House

…to Wallingford Bridge.

Record time too!

White Shed

Shed White

The Shed has gone all white!

Up above the streets and houses…


…rainbow flying high.

A light fog in the morning

Light Fog

…at least it wasn’t raining.

Shed 4

Shed with measles

The shed takes shape inside. But catches a spot of the measles.


rock boy

rock boy

Cliff top

garden football

Hide and seek; rock climbing; long jump; five-a-side (spot the ball competition version).

All in a day’s sport.


Ewok Prepared for the ball


Easter Weekend Scenes

The sign for the road to nowhere

Sign on the road to nowhere.

A busy Barton-on-Sea weekend

A busy Barton-on-Sea .

Rock Jumping

Rock running.

Hengistbury head across Christchurch Bay

Across Christchurch Bay to Hengistbury Point.

Wet Dog

After the swimming lesson

Ewok is learning to swim.

It takes a lot of concentration and several hours drying off after.

Didcot Wave, here we come…

Shed 3

Shed taking shape

The shed taking shape…

Man at work

…with a helping hand (or three) from Lez.

Bottom of the garden views


Misty morning

Fire in the mist sunrise

Fiery morning

View from the shed

Clear morning.

Three views from the bottom of the garden.

Magnificent Ewok


Watching the garden.

Ewok - field guarding

Guarding Bob’s field.

Beautiful Margie


Shed Stage 2

The base laid

After the pond came the base.

Someone went for a walk

Ewok liked the base so much he decided to leave an autograph or three.

The chickens

The chickens of Shillingford Bridge

Having managed not to make a complete hash of it last year I was asked to look after the lovely chicks again. Super eggs.


Premier League

Getting close at the top – Dave moves into second.

Where did the pond go


Sorry ducks . The pond had to move. Unfortunately, it’s gone but not yet arrived.

no pond

Still. The rubble someone kindly left came in handy.

Finn Explains…

Roman History in Bath

How the Romans kept their phones dry when taking a bath in Bath…


…and why the secret ingredient for dad’s mac-n-cheese needs to remain secret.

[Trivia Question: is Bath called Bath because that’s where people bathed or do we say bath because people bathed in Bath?]

Snow walk

H with Ewok

Thames Path

H with Ewok

It snowed at home too



Nothing since February? Either it’s been very busy or very unbusy. Lets fix…

[Back posted from April]

Pen-Y-Fan and Cribyn Again


A return visit to Pen-Y-Fan and Cribyn . Only this time the weather was a little cooler.


The strong head-wind and horizontal snow/sleet mix made for an interesting hike up along Cefn Cwm Llwch.


Visibility was marginal – with the occasional clearing of the cloud to show that we weren’t hiking inside a white tent. The last section up to the summit even had a bit of ice axe action.

Craig Cwm Sere

The trail down the eastern edge (along Craig Cwm Sere) had deep, occasionally thigh deep, snow drifts, with some decent plunge stepping down to the saddle. A brief pause to test the wind speed by noting the angle that the map case flew at (horizontal map case = fast wind), before heading up to Cribyn and then down to the track at Bwlch ar y Fan.

A hike down in the gathering gloom-cum-head torch darkness to a fantastic dinner at the White Swan in Llanfrynach.

Cribyn from the campsite

The view this morning was much clearer – you could even see the top of Cribyn which we’d raced passed the previous day. But no sign of Pen-Y-Fan, nor of Martin’s shades that took a flying dive off the cliff during the summit photo-opp. A good way to go if ever there was one.

Jumping Boy