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The Lonely Tree

The lonely tree

The lonely tree last January .
It’s still lonely.
I know.
I asked.

December Floods

Thames flooding between Benson and Wallingford

Thames flooding between Benson and Wallingford

Not as bad as the floods in November , but again the river overflowed into the flood plain.

Feeling the need to paddle it…

Thames Valley in Flood

Flooded Thames valley from Wittenham Clumps

A walk on Wittenham Clumps to blow away the Christmas Flu and take a gander at the flooded Thames valley.

River Thames at Days Lock

In the middle of the picture is Days Lock. Getting to the lock island is a tad tricky right now.

Wet Dog

Wet dog

Ewok is the only person I know that’s loving this wet weather. He’s happy spending hours in the garden. The wetter the better he says.

November Floodscapes

The water table lake in Bob's field

Early morning in the flooded fields

In November the river flooded the meadows down to Wallingford, getting close to the 2003 height of 5 and a bit metres.

Do not try this at home

flooded tony lane

The water meadows were flooded again (November, I’m a tad tardy posting all this).

the put in

But I couldn’t resist a a quick sprint down to Wallingford

flood kayaking

The one before wet feet

Don't try this at home

The boys came to see; but I resisted F’s request to Eskimo roll :-)

Under no circumstances should you canoe or kayak in flood water.

Flood water is dangerous:

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Tree planting

A new tree planted

New life. Three tiny trees from Deacon’s Nursery now tucked up in warm holes in the back garden.

I think Fay can remember what type they are…

The shed in the mud

The Shed in a trench

The beginning of a seating area down by the shed Fay’s studio. At the moment it’s just  a muddy hole. A muddy hole that Ewok loves and is slowly moving into the house, one muddy paw at a time.

[ White Shed | Shed 4 | Shed 3 | Shed 2 | Where did the pond go? ]

Player of the Week

Player of the week

In goal and out field.

Be safe be seen


A brighter ride with a couple of these.

Bright enough that they need to be dipped for oncoming pedestrians but still apparently not bright enough for drivers pulling out onto Shillingford roundabout…

…but then mid day summer sunlight isn’t bright enough for them either.

Apple Press

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

D&S had a bumper apple crop that all came good at the same time. What do you do with more apples than you can eat? Turns out you drink them.

In H’s case straight from the press. By far the best apple juice ever.

Bubble Boy


F caught in the bubbles.