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Where did the pond go


Sorry ducks . The pond had to move. Unfortunately, it’s gone but not yet arrived.

no pond

Still. The rubble someone kindly left came in handy.

Finn Explains…

Roman History in Bath

How the Romans kept their phones dry when taking a bath in Bath…


…and why the secret ingredient for dad’s mac-n-cheese needs to remain secret.

[Trivia Question: is Bath called Bath because that’s where people bathed or do we say bath because people bathed in Bath?]

Snow walk

H with Ewok

Thames Path

H with Ewok

It snowed at home too



Nothing since February? Either it’s been very busy or very unbusy. Lets fix…

[Back posted from April]

Pen-Y-Fan and Cribyn Again


A return visit to Pen-Y-Fan and Cribyn . Only this time the weather was a little cooler.


The strong head-wind and horizontal snow/sleet mix made for an interesting hike up along Cefn Cwm Llwch.


Visibility was marginal – with the occasional clearing of the cloud to show that we weren’t hiking inside a white tent. The last section up to the summit even had a bit of ice axe action.

Craig Cwm Sere

The trail down the eastern edge (along Craig Cwm Sere) had deep, occasionally thigh deep, snow drifts, with some decent plunge stepping down to the saddle. A brief pause to test the wind speed by noting the angle that the map case flew at (horizontal map case = fast wind), before heading up to Cribyn and then down to the track at Bwlch ar y Fan.

A hike down in the gathering gloom-cum-head torch darkness to a fantastic dinner at the White Swan in Llanfrynach.

Cribyn from the campsite

The view this morning was much clearer – you could even see the top of Cribyn which we’d raced passed the previous day. But no sign of Pen-Y-Fan, nor of Martin’s shades that took a flying dive off the cliff during the summit photo-opp. A good way to go if ever there was one.

Jumping Boy